Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden

oh gosh i totally didn’t realise that i didn’t blog about this bunch of products that i got from Boots in UK! and i already used like half of it before taking the photo haha. but shows that i tested it properly right? ;) hehe. now you know why i love Boots? i bought SO many things from there ^^ and totally love all my buys hehe.
these three products were a super value-for-money combination! (: see that humongous tub of creme souffle in the centre? i’ve used it for a month alr and there is still so much left. it was free!!!!! it came with any buy above £10 or sth like that, and it is worth that amount (or more maybe!). so good right! i can’t remember how much they cost individually though :/
anyway, i really love this bunch of products :)) the creme souffle really looks like a souffle dessert! love its super fluffy texture and yummilicious smell ^^ when i rub it on my skin, it feels slightly heavy though. probably because it’s meant for drier weather in the UK. nevertheless, it’s very moisturising and nice to use! 
the reason why i bought the other two products was because of all my walking in europe *.* seriously feel like i killed my two poor feet in the progress. haha. anyway, i hated the way my heels felt so dry after all the walking and i was hoping to have a remedy for it! the luxury foot polish has really coarse bits of pumice in it to scrub away the dead skin (omg guess what, after using it so many times i just realised it said ‘use daily’ :p lol!). initially, i didn’t see any difference at all. but after using it twice a week for about a month now, i’m starting to feel the dead skin being sloughed away slowwwwly. haha hmm maybe i should start using it every day and see whether something magical happens ;)
after i’ve gotten rid of the dead skin with the scrub, i then slather on the intensive rescue heel balm! it’s super creamy and moisturising, and i love how it feels on my (slightly) smoother skin after i’ve sloughed away one dead layer after another! this is a slow and steady process, and i don’t expect miracles after one use, but i’m glad to have seen some improvement! 

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