Birds of Paradise

singapore is forever so hot!!!!! x.x this was one of the things i absolutely couldn’t stand when i first came back from exchange. yeah that was months ago haha. but i’m so glad that i went shopping in europe during the spring/summer seasons and i bought so many tank tops there! ^^ they’re SUPER duper light and perfect for singapore’s weather really. because it’s suited for temperatures that can shoot up to 40 deg C. boy, aren’t i glad that singapore is not thaaaaaat hot. it’s so humid though >.< hate perspiring :( 
which is why my go-to outfits are always a tank top and shorts! (: and i just love colours! this all-year-round summery weather is just perfect for being decked out in bright colours anytime ;) makes me happy ^^
Top: Primark //
Shorts: Cotton On //
Bag: Her Velvet Vase //
Necklace: old //
Bangles: New Look //
just need to throw on my trusty flip flops (all-Singaporean style :P) and head out! 

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