District 10 Bar & Restaurant

i’ve been visiting star vista quite a number of times since it opened (okay, like three times? but it’s not that near my house so i guess it could be counted as quite a lot haha). and there seems to be quite a few other places we would like to check out there! 
visited district 10 this time, since i’d been hearing the name around quite a number of times. and i was quite pleasantly surprised at how good it was! it had a very refreshing menu, with lots of interesting dishes that we wanted to order ^^ i would say that the prices of their tapas were pretty steep though, knowing how small the portions usually are. thankfully the quality of food made up for it (: 
the sauteed garlic prawns with olive oil ($12) were deliciously fragrant. a hit amongst us garlic-lovers ;) we devoured it in minutes!! the prawns were juicy, and the sauce was so good that we mopped it up with anything and everything available :P
i loved the jumbo crab cakes ($14) for their fluffy texture. they were such a delight to eat! (btw don’t be mistaken about the size of the tapas ok…i might have zoomed in quite a bit so it actually isn’t as large as it appears to be)
the mini black angus cheddar cheese burger ($7) was tiny, but so adorable!!! the combination of the beef and cheddar cheese was divine (: 
and the naturally cut fries with truffle dip ($12) were so good!!!!! i think this way of doing such fries is much better than those pseudo truffle fries that have barely any truffle flavour at all -.- for this, the fries were fried beautifully – super crispy, while fluffy inside and tasty on their own! perhaps they were a little too oily though. the truffle mayo dip was delicious with sufficient truffle essence ;) 
although i’ve got a feeling that tapas are meant to be the star at this restaurant, i was actually more excited about the mains!! bigger portions that would definitely satisfy. right? ;) hehe. we actually ordered from the specials menu that day so i’m not too sure whether the same dishes would be available. but they were so good, i really hope they include it in the normal menu as well!! the soft shell chili crab pizza ($25) was a super interesting combination – loved how there was a fusion element in this dish ;) kind of like an asian-style pizza!
and the braised wagyu beef cheek rendang ($29) was sooo fragrant. we could smell the rendang aroma from one end of the table to the other :D and the beef cheek was done wonderfully. though not melt-in-your-mouth standard, it was tender without a doubt, and a delight to eat! the pita bread came in useful to soak up all the sauce (not one bit was left to waste!) and the mashed potatoes were sinfully, but deliciously, buttery ^^
very happy family with our happy hour bottle of carbenet sauvingon for $34 ;) 
District 10 Bar & Restaurant
The Star Vista #01-42
Tel.: +65 6694 2884
Sun-Thu 11.30am-11pm
Fri & Sat 11.30am-12mn

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