Happy birthday mummy! ♥

hi thereeee! ^^ it’s the second half of the sem now and i’m absolutely swamped. i’ve completely forgotten how smu life used to be so insane (this is totally an understatement to describe this semester x.x) especially during the supposed “break” that just passed. it’s an absolute misnomer! #nokidding. anyway, enough ranting :p 
mummy’s birthday fell in one of the craziest weeks of the school semester, but i was of course, really happy to be able to plan all our family’s foodie adventures for this celebration :’) special occasions like these are always the best opportunities for us to try out new places that we wouldn’t go otherwise. can’t wait to blog about these places soon! anyway, i feel really lucky this year to be able to work with The Cupcakery by Athena for mummy’s cake! 
doesn’t it look so gorgeous?? :D 
i wanted to get a rosette cake specifically for her birthday, because i’ve been seeing pictures of such cakes everywhere and they all look so pretty :) i would say these cakes don’t come cheap though, because of all the effort needed to design the cake. but what i really liked about working with the cupcakery was how Athena was so meticulous in helping me conceptualize the cake! i didn’t have much of an idea of what i wanted for the cake, except for the design, and i didn’t even know what about all the thought-processes that went into creating it! but thanks to Athena, we went through every single detail to make sure that we came up with a cake that i was sure mummy would love ^^ the initial flavour was actually supposed to be something else, but in the end due to a mini problem, we decided on Athena’s signature red velvet cake instead with vanilla cream cheese frosting with a dusting of coconut shavings.
beautiful double-layered interior that was super dense and yummy! it was really rich and flavourful, without being overly sweet, which we really appreciated. we were so full after dinner that we only managed to eat a quarter of the cake on that day, but subsequently the rest of the cake disappeared pretty quickly :p the coconut shavings also lent a subtle additional flavour which was very interesting.
all the happy ladies with the cake! ^^
i loved working with the cupcakery because i knew that the cake would be made with so much love and that is ALWAYS a secret ingredient which makes food yummy (: and i really liked how Athena personalized the entire experience for me, which is really great, especially for special occasions like this! even her after-sales service is amazing! look at the cutest message she sent me regarding the cake collection:

Athena bakes both cakes and cupcakes, and a range of other desserts as well! prices will depend on what you order of course, and is based on the cost of ingredients. a cake like mine would cost around $55, but here’s the deal! the cupcakery is giving my readers 10% off! just quote “KELLY10” in your order (: this is valid till 31st Jan 2014!

hope you enjoy her bakes as much as i do :) and please like & share the cupcakery’s facebook page!!

the cupcakery

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