The Sushi Bar

if you recall, not too long ago, i blogged about finally trying out the Shiok Maki. now that is simply the most orgasmic sushi that i’ve ever come across, and it’s been uncontested thus far. but what you can find at The Sushi Bar comes a close second ;) not to mention the queues there are equally comparable to those at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar. 
the Salmon Aburi Roll ($14.90 for 8 pcs) is their signature item and top-seller, and it’s easy to see why. just join the queue outside for 10 minutes and you’ll smell the seductive charred aroma of this sushi wafting out. i queued for nearly an hour, but the smell just kept me firmly planted there. hahaha. i actually ordered a variation of it, which was the Soft Shell Crab Salmon Aburi Roll ($16.90 for 8 pcs) because i love soft shell crab! ^^ and though i didn’t try the original, i daresay this one is even better because of the additional ingredient ;) the salmon is lightly burnt, with a delicious smokey flavour, and wonderfully succulent! coupled with the slight crunch of the crispy soft shell crab inside, this kept me squealing with happiness.
i had also heard a great deal about the chirashi don here, and if you’re a sashimi fan, i recommend you to get the version where the fish comes in slices ($24.90). we were rather let-down when we saw our version (chopped sashimi, kinda) that came in a really tiny bowl ($18.90) :'( after all the pictures we saw online! i think they have shrank their portions since the beginning of this year. we were so sad! although i have to concede that it turned out to have quite a substantial portion and variety of sashimi (i spotted tuna, salmon, swordfish, yellowtail, ikura and uni) but we were really quite disappointed at the start. i’ve heard that the version with the slices is really too much fish though :P so you might consider sharing. there is also a premium version ($34.90), which i presume has an even wider variety of sashimi. *slurps*. to me, Aoki’s mazechirashi is still the winner though :)
in terms of portions, The Sushi Bar disappointed on two counts, but it made up more than sufficiently in quality :) the Sirloin steak ($14.90 for 100g) was beautifully charred on the exterior, while delightfully tender inside. it came with a serving of punchy garlic chips which we devoured together with the meat. the steak is delicious on its own, but dip it in the sauce that comes with it, and you might discover a winning combination. lightly sweet, the sauce complements the flavour of the meat perfectly as it slides into your mouth and releases its juices. 
and we couldn’t leave out dessert! it was amazing how despite the amount we ordered (i guess it was a blessing that the portions seemed a tad small), i still felt just right after the meal, rather than bursting at the seams. the tofu cheesecake ($4.50) sealed the deal with its wobbly, yet firm texture, light-on-your-tongue flavour, and toothsome biscuit base. 
The Sushi Bar scores with its quality dishes, but perhaps it might be a little overpriced considering the portions and the queue that you have to go through to get your hands on the food. then again, the shiok maki is even more expensive. haha. i would say, be prepared to queue, and just go for it! alternatively, i think they do take reservations up to a certain capacity, so you can try your luck with that! :) 
The Sushi Bar
Far East Plaza #03-89
9653 6464
Mon-Sat 12pm-9.30pm
Closed on Sunday

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