Counting my blessings

it’s been a long time since i’ve done an unscheduled post. but today i’m just super duper tired, and so sick of studying already. feel like ranting, but i shall not do it here. haha i think i’ve ranted enough to the people around me already. anyway the main point is that this semester has just been so horrifically sucky so far, and it’s only going to get worse in the coming weeks. i’m dreading it so bad, and i just want the december holidays to come soon. like please. just make the time fast forward till then.

in the midst of this, i’m just trying really hard to stay happy, and reminding myself about the good things i have, rather than the bad. gosh i’m not usually so negative! anyway, i just thought it’d be a good time for me to count my blessings and put it down in words. this is something i try to do on new year’s eve, looking back at the rest of the year, but i think now is timely enough to do so. i need a reminder anyway. haha for once i’m treating this blog like my real diary (my poor diary has been buried in my drawer since school started :'( boo..). anyway, i’m well aware that other people might have even better experiences etc, but i shall try not to think about that now yeah? so here goes (:

1. Going on exchange :) my dream since entering university, can’t believe it finally came true!! Visited 7 countries and 19 cities and took a few thousands of photos. I was lucky to have had the most wonderful hosts while i was visiting some cities, and this made my experiences in these places even more wonderful. Had the chance to visit Yi in her university too! Check out my exchange adventures here! (: Super lucky to have had the opportunity to go there with Sam, since we didn’t even apply together, and we learnt an incredible deal about each other during the whole process :)

2. Sam <3 my pillar of strength, and my big love :) i'm so glad that our relationship improved tremendously since we came back from exchange :') i always feel so blessed that we can tell each other anything, and that he's always there for me, encouraging me, cheering me up when i'm down and celebrating my successes with me. I'm so glad to be inspired by him, and i learn new things from him all the time :)

3. Family. the most important people in my life, who would never judge me and are always there for me and love me. no matter what. not seeing them while i was away for 5 months in Europe only made our reunion in London even sweeter ^^ love how we always have SO MUCH FUN. the coolest family i could ever have :)

4. Our new home. Renovations are almost done! and i have my own room (: can’t wait to organize our housewarming!! (although i really hope that we do so only after all this craziness is overrr). all the hotel stays that came with it was a super plus point as well! ^^ having a gorgeous pool view at The Sentosa Resort while mugging for my midterms was one of my highlights of the year, and i’m even more excited to blog about my stay at my favourite place (soon!!)

5. Blog. Yup, this blog! (: haha finally kinda ‘launched’ it to people i know. still really shy about it (Sam will know that i don’t like people to watch me while i’m writing). i always admire people who can write well, and i hope to be like that one day! definitely a long way to go for improvement, but i’m really touched at all the opportunities that have come my way because of this so far! Love all the food tastings that i’ve been to (yummyyyyyy, i had the opportunity to eat enough mooncakes to last me the whole season!). Received pretty parcels in the mailbox ^^ and had the chance to try out pampering beauty services at Ladyfinger and My Cozy Room. Really thankful for all these opportunities and the people behind them! (:

so yes, i AM lucky. lucky to be alive, lucky to be staying in Singapore (totally realized this during exchange), lucky to have the chance to go to school and make it to university. it’s my last year! and there is just what, 1/4 of the semester left? i can do it!!! and so can all of you (: this is such a rambly post with no pictures, but to all of you reading, jiayou! 


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