Ladyfinger Eco Spa Manicure

i have the prettiest nails ever, thanks to Ladyfinger! (: i’m really bad at painting my nails, and thus i prefer to leave it to the experts, especially when it comes to doing nail art. and like every other girl, i love having beautifully painted nails, but with news about damaging ingredients in various nail varnishes, i do sometimes worry about the products i use on my nails. which is why i was super excited to try out Ladyfinger’s Eco Spa Manicure which is the latest eco-luxury organic nail treatment by Ladyfinger. this special manicure treatment uses SpaRitual products, which contain specially sourced vegan, certified organic and fair trade ingredients that you know are good for you! also, the nail lacquers and elixirs used in this treatment are free of chemicals typically found in other nail products.

this was a really felt like a complete spa experience for full mind/body wellness, even though it was designated to be a manicure treatment. it began with a misting of the SpaRitual Close Your Eyes Calming Fragrant Mist, which was spritzed lightly over me. the scent of geranium transported me to the feeling of being in a spa, and i felt my muscles relax instantly as i inhaled the lovely aroma. 
i had my cuticles removed and nails buffed skillfully by Michelle, my manicurist. she used various products from the SpaRitual range such as Cuti-Cocktail, a delightful gel-like formula that helped to condition my cuticles and nourish them. 
i cheated a little here and opted for a gelish manicure, rather than using the vegan nail lacquers meant for this manicure. the nail art was too pretty to resist!! :) there are pages and pages of designs for you to choose from, and they come up with new designs on a regular basis. i’m super clumsy when it comes to painted nails, so i tend to opt for gelish, otherwise manicures would be a complete waste on me because it’ll be chipped within a day. 
i took a super long time deciding which design to pick!! :P but i am absolutely in love with my nails now ^^ check out the face on my thumb smiling away hehe. totally reflects my mood when i look at my nails. 
this was followed by an utterly pampering treatment of the SpaRitual Close Your Eyes Sugar Scrub. the reason why sugar is used, instead of salt, is because salt is sometimes dehydrating, while sugar is draws moisture from the environment to the skin. the scrub helped to gently loosen and lift out the dead skin cells to exfoliate, and i loved how my skin felt supple and moisturized after it.
this was followed with a SpaRitual Affirming Scrub Masque, that was left on for about 10 minutes, also to help gently exfoliate and refine the skin by sloughing off dead cells. and finally i had a layer of the SpaRitual Close Your Eyes Moisturizing Lotion spread all over my hands and arms, which smelled so delicious with its light shea butter scent. my skin felt so well-taken care of, with the various benefits of the lotion – organic aloe vera, olive, sesame and soybean oils to smooth, nourish and treat the skin, as well as avocado and fair trade shea butter to moisturize and protect. my hands haven’t felt so soft in a long while! 
and so pretty too :) one last picture because i can’t stop staring at my nails heh :) 
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