supermarket? is that what it’s called?
described as fusing the concepts of food, retail and art in a single space, you can’t helped but be impressed by what you see in this cafe/store. i was definitely fascinated when i stepped into this place, not knowing what to expect. and i can’t believe that i’d walked past this place so many times last year when i was working in the area and i never really noticed it! :O shocking, really.
this is a very quaint store with simple furnishing, but has little knick knacks for sale which are pretty attractive! the artsy side of their concept lies in the paintings that they sell, from their collaboration with a various artists. it’s refreshing how they change their menu daily (now how rare is that!) so that customers will always have something different to try. now isn’t that the perfect excuse to visit every single day of the week? ;)
i was very pleasantly surprised, and extremely impressed with the quality of their food here! i hadn’t heard much about this place, despite it being around for so long, and didn’t realise how good it COULD be! definitely a hidden gem which i would revisit (: 
let’s just start with drinks. i admit that i was initially disappointed by the appearance of the iced chocolate, as it arrived on my table unstirred, with traces of chocolate and milk. and when i mixed it fully, it just looks like milo doesn’t it? then yi exclaimed that it was goooood! and i looked at my glass sceptically. her’s looked better than mine. maybe mine wouldn’t taste as nice as she’d said. i took a tentative sip. and a smooth wave of chocolate sloshed into my mouth. ahhhh :) i was contented. in fact, i was MORE than contented. this was so delicious!!!!! how could a glass that looks like this, taste so yummy?! a perfect example of how looks can be deceiving. this iced chocolate is nothing like expected. although it is not particularly thick (nor thin, thankfully), it had a lovely velvety texture that slowly spreads through your mouth. and the bouquet of aromas from the chocolate gently kiss your tastebuds as you savour its goodness. sounds good doesn’t it? ;) this breakfast drink costs a bomb at $7.50, but it’s well worth a try.
and we were so glad that the food didn’t disappoint either! these homemade batter pancakes ($14) were the THICKEST pancakes i’ve ever seen!! don’t they look so fluffy??!! :D i was so excited to try them! they tasted as fluffy as they looked and went perfectly with all the condiments – butter, maple syrup and cream. gosh, the cream. you know, i’m not a fan of cream, but this was different! i’m really not sure what kind of cream it was, as it was definitely not as feather-light as whipped cream (which is pretty much the only cream i eat), but instead it seemed perhaps more similar to clotted cream for scones? and i love how it had a tinge of sweetness to it, which made it super yummy ^^
if i were to choose though, i’d pick the french toast ($10) over the pancakes. even though the pancakes were great already! but when i popped a small piece of this toast into my mouth, i was a convert :P hehe. it was so amazing!!!! it had the perfect balance of egg, milk, butter, sugar and whatever goes into this thing. i loved how it was absolutely tasty, yet it doesn’t have the ‘heavy’ feeling that i get when eating french toast sometimes (where i suppose the chefs pile on too many ingredients to create the yummy taste). i wanted MORE :P and as a result i probably overate hehe. we had so much fun sharing food that day because everything was good!
perhaps by now i was probably becoming quite biased towards the food here, because i just fell in love with everything haha. ‘DE’ breakfast ($17) was nothing spectacular in terms of its constituents, but its execution was, as usual, impressive. bacon? not my thing. but i really liked the scrambled eggs as well!!! i don’t know how this cafe does their food, but it just fascinates me the way their food is so tasty, without giving you any of the gooey gross feeling from too much milk/cream/butter used. the scrambled eggs were once again tasty, and moist enough, but not milky at all (: love!!!
finally, my sausages and mash ($16)! you can have a choice of herb&garlic beef or korubuta pork sausage. i opted for one of each, and to tell the truth, i couldn’t identify which was which :p they tasted slightly different, but i really didn’t know how to tell. haha. i would say that the sausages weren’t fantastic…they were the typical german sausage kind i guess, with lots of spices and a tad too salty. but the mashed potato was surprising! i usually don’t like to eat it much, as i find it pretty bland. but SPRMRKT’s version was spiced up a notch with some butter and herbs, and it tasted amazing! everyone loved it ^^ 
and we couldn’t skip dessert could we? ;) not when they were beckoning to us so enthusiastically from the counter ;) heehee. everything looked so good!!! i really wanted to try the tarts, but honestly, i don’t think i had space to stomach it after our feast :p we ordered the blueberry cheesecake to share. and it was such a huge slice!! interestingly, it had a rather light texture despite its heavy appearance. yet, it’s definitely nowhere near that of japanese cheesecakes. it was more like an in-between of jap and american cheesecakes. a singapore-version perhaps? ;) it was mildly sweet, which was nice, considering how we had such a huge slice to finish. i could perhaps grumble about the too-thin crust, which i could hardly taste (and i love eating crusts!). but in its entirety, i still loved this cheesecake and greedily finished up the last bit of it ;) 
sprmrkt is a wonderful find, and i can’t believe how i didn’t realise it sooner! i highly recommend this place and do let me know what else you like from there! (:
2 McCallum Street 
Tel.: +65 6221 0712
Mon-Fri 8am-9pm
Sat 9am-4pm (brunch)

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