An unexpected staycation ^^

hi!! i can’t believe i didn’t post this earlier. it has been sitting in my drafts for weeks!

time has been flying by and it’s the middle of the semester already! or rather, time has been passing quickly, but it has been feeling really draggy of late. maybe it’s the “final year syndrome” where i’m simply just drifting away from studying, or because i’m taking THREE (i don’t know why i torture myself this way) pretty tough accounting mods this semester. anyway, it was by a really lucky chance that i had a break from all of this. our family escaped to sentosa over a weekend due to a twist of fate ;) am i glad that my week ends on thursday! i was never more happy to celebrate that when i heard we were booked into a hotel from thursday night onwards! (:

we stayed at The Sentosa Resort, which is a gorgeous resort hotel set amidst lush greenery.

we were completely awed the moment we stepped into our hotel room. this probably isn’t a great pictorial representation of how luxurious it was, but it was a really plush, cozy room, and the bathroom was beyond imagination!

huge, with a bathtub on one side and the shower and toilet on the other. it looked so comfortable, i could totally imagine myself staying in there for hours to pamper myself if i had the luxury of time. it was very well equipped with thick towels and quality toiletries.

i didn’t really try out their shampoo & conditioner because it’s my pet peeve to use hotel toiletries that dry out my hair, but according to mummy, it was really good! all the amenities in the room were replenished on a frequent basis and i really liked their housekeeping services.

the breakfast buffet spread was pretty good, and it was definitely my strongest motivation for dragging myself up early every morning to exercise, even while on a “holiday”. i went ga-ga over the pastries every morning, which was rotated on alternate days so that you do get some variety in your breakfast. one of my favourites was the design-your-own omelette section! you get a fresh omelette fried for you, and you can choose to include toppings such as tomatoes, mushrooms, ham, cheese, etc. the spread is slightly more extensive on sunday mornings as well (along with larger crowds). you can choose to sit indoors to be closer to the buffet spread, or lounge on the terrace with a view of the gorgeous pool.
happy tummies ^^^
now look at this gorgeous landscape. i had the privilege of having this as my view as i sat at the veranda studying for midterms. the facilities in this hotel are top-end, as you can see from this humongous swimming pool. it was an absolute luxury to swim in it – such a great exercise! and it’s a heated pool, which is definitely welcome if you want to have an early morning swim. the gym is situated rather far away, but the reception will promptly get a buggy to ferry you over once you inform them. i didn’t get a picture of the gym, but i was pretty well-equipped, and you get to enjoy a relaxing view of lush forestry as you run on the treadmill.
#cheapthrill :D 
i love how the hotel is so convenient despite the fact that it’s situated in sentosa :)) there are shuttle buses that could bring us out to vivocity every half an hour, and even buses that went all the way to town (paragon)! super service that really makes staying there much more convenient. after all, we still had lives going on outside of sentosa no matter how much we wanted to pretend that we didnt :P
i’ll definitely recommend this as a worthy hotel to stay in at sentosa, for all its amenities and the perfect balance between serenity and accessibility.

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