Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

happy mid-week everyone! (: It’s also the middle of the semester and i’m completely drowned by school. don’t ask me why i can be writing a post at this time. even though it’s the midterm break, but that is just a complete misnomer! i just need some chocolate to release some endorphins into my system, and i hope this makes you salivate ;) 
i’ve been wanting to visit Max Brenner for the longest time, and i’m sure all you like-minded chocolate fans out there would want to too! it’s quite pricey though, which was why i was so excited to know that it was one of the participating restaurants in Esplanade’s Visa one-for-one lunch promotions. unfortunately the promotion is over already, but i’m really glad i had the chance to try it. I’ve seen and heard so much about Max Brenner’s chocolate fondue, and i just had to order it! the Classic European Chocolate Fondue for two people ($25.90) gives you a choice of two chocolate sauces – pure milk, dark or white – with toffee sauce, and is served with bananas, strawberries, chocolate chunk cookies, marshmallows and fluffy chocolate sponge cake for dipping. naturally, i went for the dark chocolate, and i decided to go with the milk chocolate for my second choice since i’m not such a fan of white chocolate anymore. in fact, i found the toffee too sweet. i wonder whether they would allow three pots of dark chocolate instead of one pot of each variety? :p i loved it. the dark chocolate was the perfect blend of bitter-sweetness, and it complemented the sweet condiments just right. i was a fan of the chocolate chip cookies and sponge cake especially. but while i had gone to Max Brenner with the sole purpose of trying their chocolate fondue, i found that i liked their waffles way more! not that there was anything wrong with the fondue, i just found the portion a little small (it’s a tasting portion) and not all the condiments were to my liking.
since it was 1-for-1, we ordered two waffles ($18.90 each). my absolute favourite was the Tutti Frutti Waffle, whose name didn’t appeal to me much initially, and therefore turned out to be a really pleasant surprise. the waffles at Max Brenner are really good! thick, fluffy waffles topped with a mountain of goodies that looked like a mouth-watering piece of art. the Tutti Frutti came with a generous amount of strawberries (what an overdose of strawberries that day! not that i’m complaining), blueberries and milk chocolate ganache. i loved the little bits of crumbles which lent additional texture to the dessert, and this all went together seamlessly with the smooth vanilla ice cream on the side.

the apple pie cinnamon waffle was delicious as well! though not as much as the former, because i felt it was a tad too sweet. chunks of white chocolate, apple slices, candied pecans (love!!), more crumbles and drizzled with a generous dollop of cinnamon-y sauce and with more vanilla ice cream. another classic combination that cannot go wrong!

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
Esplanade Mall #01-06
Tel.: +65 6235 9556
Sun-Thu 11am-11pm
Fri-Sat 11am-12am


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