Trying a scarf-look in Singapore

i was contemplating for quite awhile whether to do an ootd on this, because i wasn’t too sure whether this combination worked. i completely fell in love with scarves on exchange and i went on a crazy buying spree, swooning over scarves wherever i went ^^ they’re sooo gorgeous! darling thought i was absolutely crazy of course. he asked me “how many necks do you have? why do you need to buy so many??!!!??!!” haha. erm…well girls are like that haha. that’s the best answer i can give, heehee ;)ย 
i was planning to bring out my scarves in full force in singapore and attempt to incorporate them into my dressing here. i mean, i’ve seen ang mohs do this and they look so good! but then again, i’m not one…so haha look different. maybe i look weird. i dunno, what do you think? :/ and well obviously i totally imagine how freaking hot i’d feel the moment i stepped into singapore once more. haha so i don’t think of even wearing this outdoors. only this day, it happened to rain. and i actually dug out my pants to wear as well (surprise surprise!) even though i said that i wouldn’t want to wear pants for the rest of the year since i had so much of it on exchange and i never really liked pants anyway. but this is different. it’s comfy pants ^^ and i really love them :D although i have to try to make it not look like i’m walking around town in my pyjamas. haha. so i dressed them up with heels ^^ (anw i’m so short that i couldn’t walk around on a rainy day with the pants dragging on the ground if i’m wearing flats). so yep! here’s my final outfit (: not something i’d usually wear, but quite fun to try!
Top: sister’s :P //
Pants: Love Bonito //
Scarf: San Lorenzo market in Florence //
Bangles: New Look //
Bag: San Lorenzo market in Florence //
Heels: old

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