and hellooooooo there!!!! I’VE FINALLY TRIED THE SHIOK MAKI!!! omg i’ve been waiting for the longest time to eat this okay. i can’t believe i only heard of it right after we left singapore for exchange -.- i was drooling over pics of it since months ago and it was nothing short of torture xP haha. 
i present to you – shiok maki generation 1 :D
and shiok maki generation 2. teehee ^^ that’s why i said DOUBLE SHIOKNESS ;)
we weren’t intending to order both the shiok makis, but there was a mix up in our order and so this is what we ended up with -.- but i guess it’s a good thing too, since it’ll allow me to compare both! not that i could decide which was better though. i was too busy reveling in the explosion of flavours in my mouth that gave me fireworks in my head *.* sooooo delicious *slurps* :D okay i sound disgusting haha. but i was really super satisfied after that heehee. *pats tummy* and i was really pleasantly surprised that i didn’t feel SUPER full after that, despite all the rice i ate! since it was just me & rachel, that means we had 8 pieces of maki each! zomgx.
okie stop digressing :P haha. so generation 1 ($16.80) was a combination of charcoal grilled eel wrapped in a lightly roasted salmon. #1 thing i LOVE about shiok maki is the sauce. the abundance of it! and its creaminess and yumminess and everything about it that makes me just want to mop it up with anything on the plate. i even ate the ginger (which i usually don’t) because i just wanted to dip it in the sauce. sinful? probably. but i couldn’t care less. for me, what stood out about the gen 1 shiok maki was the lovely aroma of the grill that emanated from the sushi and caressed my taste buds. it was sooo delicious, a total mouthgasm experience ^^ i could only squeal with happiness throughout the whole meal haha.
for generation 2 ($16.80), it was a crispy prawn wrapped with lightly roasted salmon. what was different about this maki, besides the ingredients, was its sauce! it has a tinge of sweetness, that kinda melts on your tongue as you savour it in your mouth. i didn’t want to swallow my maki. it was SO.GOOD. haha i wanted it to stay in my mouth forever as i basked in the joy of eating it :))) haha. this totally doesn’t really sound like food anymore right? i’ve heard reviews about its quality deteriorating, but now, typing this, im just relishing the memory of the shiokness again and i couldn’t wish for more :’) 
i’m definitely going to come back again!! to try the crappy maki which we originally ordered and never received -.- their service staff seem a little blur… O.o after we asked for they bill, they delivered another plate of sushi to us and we were like “huh??!!” haha. i would have gladly taken it if it was free :p teehee. but yep will come back for the crappy maki ;) and maybe the pitan maki since i heard it was good too? any other sushi from there to recommend, please let me know!! (:
Koh Grill & Sushi Bar
Wisma Atria Food Republic 
Daily 11.30am-10.30pm

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