Tim Ho Wan

helloooooo! guess what, i finally tried Tim Ho Wan!!!! haha you’re probably thinking, “what a laggard -.-” yeah ikr :( but the queue is always so long!! :( didn’t really want to wait in line for 1 hour plus. so i waited a few months for this, but i am so happy that i finally had the chance to try it, even if only for the yummilicious barbecue pork buns ($4.50 for 3 pcs) ^^ ahhh, just thinking about it makes me feel like eating it already.
my loveee :D 
haha we would have ordered more, if only the rest were as enthusiastic as me!! i ordered one whole plate for myself okay :p which is three pieces. and i do think that it is quite affordable, considering the size of the bun!! normally char siew sou also costs around that price, but it’s usually smaller? anyway, this bun is simply unbeatable. previously papa brought it back for us all the way from HK too ^^ and despite hours on the plane, it still tasted so awesome after we toasted it. what more having it fresh?! :O oh yeah, i forgot to mention that i came here at around 9.40am in the morning (when it opens at 10am) just so that we don’t have to be delayed in the queue. and it worked!! :D this was the most awesome breakfast to start the week, right before audit class ;) and i’m writing this is one of my worst weeks of the sem x.x boohoo :'(
anyway. these buns. if you haven’t tried it yet (i don’t know whether there is anyone even slower than me…the whole world seems to have tried it!), please do!!!! oh gosh, even if you aren’t a fan of char siew, you will love this bun so much :’) it kinda has the bo lo bao kind of texture, but EVEN BETTER than that. a perfectly flaky crust, lightly crumbly, slightly sweet, and one bite gives way to deliciously tasty char siew within it. i want more!!!! :D
the rest of the dishes at Tim Ho Wan are pretty standard, and the quality is alright as well! (: they have four signature dishes called the Big 4 Heavenly Kings. we tried three of them, because the last was a chee cheong fun with pigs liver which we don’t really fancy. the pan fried carrot cake ($4.50 for 3 pcs) was quite yummy! (: fried to a crisp, and with little bits of (i think) chinese sausage within it. it was super fragrant! 
the last of the 4 signature dishes was the steamed egg cake $3.80, which is kinda like a huat kueh? spongy, light and fluffy, but i’m not a big fan of it :p it’s just a personal thing. haha.
there were dishes like har gow ($5.50 for 4 pcs), chee cheong fun with shrimp ($5.50) and bbq pork ($5.50), chicken feet with black bean sauce ($4) which were quite alright as well.
we liked the congee with lean pork, century egg and salted egg ($4.20) for its subtle flavour, while not being too salty (: i couldn’t really taste any of the salted egg though :p
and i really enjoyed our dessert which was yam puree with sago ($3.50)! ^^ give me anything with yam and i’ll devour it hehe :D it was a lovely smooth puree that was relatively light (good, especially since we were already so full from the dim sum) and i loved the added texture of the sago inside it! (: 
overall, i would say that Tim Ho Wan is quite un-impressionable other than the BARBECUED PORK BUNS and yam puree (: but i would come back, just for these two items. the good thing is that the dim sum here is still priced reasonably, so there is no reason not to come back ^^ 
Tim Ho Wan
Plaza Singapura #01-29A
Tel.: +65 6251 2000 (no reservations)
Daily 10am-10pm

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