Ramen Kagetsu Arashi & my hot pink blazer :D

i got my tonkotsu ramen fix!!! (: a bowl of warm soupy ramen was probably one of the things i missed on exchange. there’s only so much a bowl of instant noodles can do…it’s food for the soul when we were freezing, no doubt, but i still miss the hearty japanese soups which i know have been boiled painstakingly for hours to produce a rich, flavourful broth, without being overwhelmingly-thick like western soups. i’ve been wanting to get a yummy bowl of such tonkotsu soup, and while i was glad to have some ramen at Santouka previously, i have to say that i still prefer tonkotsu ramen to hokkaido ramen! 
and so, ta-da! i present my delicious bowl of Arashi Genkotsu Ramen ($12.90) ^^ this jap restaurant, tucked away in a corner of star vista, doesn’t have the queues of menya musashi. i actually dined at menya musashi last year but i don’t know why i didn’t do a post on it. and i can’t really compare now since i can’t remember how that one tasted, except that it was good :P haha. anyway, Ramen Kagetsu Arashi has pretty much the full range of ramen – tonkotsu (yay!!), miso, shio, etc…but sam and i both immediately went for the tonkotsu ;) hehe same taste! i absolutely loved this broth, which had a delightfully piquant flavour, especially because of the strong garlic aroma :P but the good thing is that it didn’t leave the kind of uncomfortable garlic-breath which is totally undesirable for dates :P i felt that the cha shu was a bit tooooo thin, and the egg wasn’t the flowy yolk kind (need to top up for that!), but the tasty soup more than made up for these minor quibbles (:
Ramen Kagetsu Arashi
The Star Vista #01-41 
Tel.: +65 6339 0335
Mon-Thu, Sun 11.30am-10pm
Fri-Sat 11.30am-11pm
and yay i found an opportunity to wear my hot pink blazer out! :D i realised that this blazer is kind of conflicted haha. because it is one of my most formal/structured blazers (the cuffs were damn difficult to fold up -.-), and yet it’s HOT PINK which i obviously can’t wear for anything formal. but i’m glad i finally managed to fold up the sleeves (minimally….) which made it a little less formal. and i love how blazers can just smarten up a shorts+tank combo (: so i don’t look like a kid next to my boyfriend who just came from work hahaha ;)
Top: Primark //
Blazer: H&M //
Shorts: old //
Bracelets: Thomas Sabo, Primark //

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