Canopy Garden Dining & Bar

As promised, here’s my post on Canopy’s food! (:
for this place though, i wouldn’t say that food is the whole point. the ambience is amazing as well (: located in the lush green surroundings of bishan park, it has gained popularity not just among people in the neighbourhood, but i believe people have traveled some distance to dine here too. despite it’s popularity though, it remains a very peaceful place, close to nature with a rustic vibe ^^ largely alfresco dining places you in the middle of greenery all around, and it’s like an oasis, taking you out of the rush of our singapore lifestyle. dog owners are aplenty here, with a dog run nearby, bringing their pooches for some breakfast as well! ;)
i was pleasantly surprised by the quality of food here! while some places neglect their food in the pursuit of creating a suitable atmosphere, Canopy somehow manages to balance both just nicely. the food is decent, with affordable prices, making this a really great place to chill and unwind (: i ordered the eggs benedict ($12), which came with a pile of salad as well :) in terms of looks, it’s definitely not the most attractive. i was mildly disappointed at how flat it looked :( but the yolk was runny and the hollandaise was scrumptious, and that’s all that matters!
blur pic! :(
sam ordered the eggs royale ($12) and added on streaky bacon and sauteed spinach at $3 each! (: i liked the way the spinach was cooked – simple, in garlic and oil. and the bacon was fried to a crisp, which was much appreciated! (: 
definitely a place which i’ll like to come again. especially since it’s so convenient ;) their laksa looked damn awesome!!! i’m craving it right now….
Canopy Garden Dining & Bar
Bishan Park II
1382 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1
Tel.: +65 6556 1533
Mon-Fri 9am-10pm
Sat, Sun, Eve of PH, PH: 8am-11pm

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