Eat Clean (:

so, since i came back from europe, i’ve been missing my salads terribly!! :( i made salad for lunch pretty often while i was there – because it’s cheap, healthy and so it makes me feel good while im trying my darnest best not to gain too much weigh while im there. (realised halfway through exchange that all efforts to completely NOT gain weight are just a figment of my imagination… :/ haha).
anyway, i’ve been wanting to re-create my salads since i got back to singapore! (: and of course, with my nice kitchen now that i’m back, it’s so much easier to go so ^^ aghhh i wanted to cook dinner that day, but work prevented me from doing so :( *sobs*
i got a packet of mesclun salad from ntuc (which is so much more expensive than in europe >:( really! haha i know i’m digressing, but i really have to say that actually buying groceries in europe was pretty affordable ^^ which makes me really happy hehe ^^ especially stuff like salad! so much more affordable there – at 99c or at most €1.99, when here it’s like $4.50?!) and my salad-making started! ^^ i love making salads that are chock-full of ingredients, cos it’s more balanced and fills me up better! (not to mention that somehow after eating salad, i always feel like junking later in the day though >.< especially when i'm out…went to ion that day and i simply couldn't resist the food hall. sighhhh)
1 packet of salad leaves
1 packet of minced pork 
(i just used half of the above two items)
handful of cherry tomatoes
handful of nuts
dressing of your choice (i used a pomegranate vinaigrette that we got from chelsea market in new york)
1. Wash the salad leaves. Leave them to soak in water.
2. Add a bit of oil to a saucepan.
3. Fry the minced pork lightly till its cooked. 
4. Drain the salad leaves, add the cooked minced pork and other ingredients. 
5. Drizzle the sauce over and toss! (: 
simple and yummy meal ^^ i love! 


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