Shiseido Ibuki

i went for the Shiseido Ready-for-Anything Ibuki workshop last Saturday! (: it was a rather interesting attending this event – the first of its kind that i’ve tried. and im really glad that i did because i learnt so much about skincare through this event :) listening to the Skincare Trainer speaking about the new Ibuki line of products and their benefits, and speaking to the Skincare Specialists after that was really fascinating! 
i was quite surprised at the number of people attending this event! 
the gorgeous set-up at the event :))
we first started with an introduction about this new line of products. Shiseido Ibuki is for the modern woman, who possibly has a stressed lifestyle, and this causes skin surface cells to shrink, resulting in problems such as uneven pores and breakouts. it’s difficult to change one’s lifestyle, hence Shiseido’s new range aims to change skincare for this lifestyle.
the highlight of the new Ibuki range is its Shape Memorizing Cell Technology. Arica, the Skincare Trainer explained that stressed cells shrink, causing gaps between them, and results in the appearance of uneven skin texture. the exclusive Shape Memorizing Cell Technology returns cells to their ideal condition, back to their optimum shape and inhibits future shrinkage to boost the skin’s resistance by “memorizing” their ideally moisturized state and maintaining it. i especially liked this feature, because it means that the skin is strengthened and becomes more resistant to recurring problems. it also contains a new PhytoResist Complex that helps plump cells with moisture, remove excess surface cells and produce new epidermal cells to brighten the skin with a fresh, new, healthy layer! (: 
okay i don’t suppose you’re too interested with the scientific part of it :p but i was quite interested to learn about this! and the range of products is pretty comprehensive as well ^^
there are two kinds of cleansers – the gentle and purifying cleansers. both can be used for all skin types, but the purifying cleanser has microbeads in it that helps to give that extra cleanse to remove impurities in your pores and excess surface cells. i was surprised to hear that the purifying cleanser can be used everyday, because i’ve always thought that scrubs should be used at most twice a week. but it shows how gentle Shiseido’s products are on your skin! according to Arica, while Shiseido’s products might take a longer time to show effects (rather than other ‘miracle’ treatments where results are more immediate), it is because the improvements occur at a steadier pace, and are also more lasting on the skin.
following the cleanser, the softening concentrate is one of their star products in this range! it replaces your toner, and what it does is to penetrate the skin quickly and deeply to boost the skin’s resistance by filling it with moisture. it preps your skin for the next step as well, which is the actual moisturizer. we had the chance to test this product at the event and i absolutely loved its texture! wonderfully gel-like and smooth to the touch, i could almost feel the burst of hydration infused into my skin! 
the Ibuki line has three kinds of moisturizers – Refining moisturizer, Refining moisturizer enriched, and Protective moisturizer. the protective moisturizer contains spf 15 and is for day use, while the refining moisturizers are for night use. multi-functional moisturizers that are supposed to improve visible pores, breakouts and skin roughness caused by dryness.
finally, the last product is an eye correcting cream. this cooling eye cream targets dark circles, puffiness and fine lines, and what is most useful is how it helps to minimize the appearance of these problems immediately upon application! this is due to its slightly pinkish tint, that helps to counter the appearance of dark circles (it is not a concealer though, so it is not 100% correction), and also because of a light-diffusing/reflecting technology that helps to brighten the eye area.
the event was held at Lowercase Cafe at Laselle College, and these were just some of the canapes at the event :D omg churros!!!!! yummy ^^ i’m not sure whether the food was prepared by the cafe itself. i think it was? and it was really good!!!! i was very surprised because i didn’t expect much of it. but i loved almost everything i tried (greedy as usual). the brownies were really unique – i have a feeling they were sea salt caramel (i didn’t look at the labels), because they had a lovely sweet flavour (without being too overwhelming), with a touch of savoury. and those red velvet cupcakes. omgggg. they were super moist! i was absolutely blown away by their quality. two thumbs up! (: i might actually come back here to try the food someday! 
there were other activities such as a skin-check and express makeover! (that’s not me haha). i had lots of fun speaking to the Skincare Specialists and really learned a lot from them :) like how to cleanse my skin in a thorough manner (the key is to work up some foam, and don’t forget areas like the sides of your mouth and nose which tend to trap impurities) and also more about the differences between toner & softener!
having my express makeup done by Arica
hence the selfie :p
we got some mini samples in the goodie bag and i can’t wait to try them out! ^^

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