Good morning! (:

“Every girl wants a ‘Good Morning Beautiful’ text when she wakes up”

Hehe i saw this quote on tumblr and it’s my inspiration for this post! ^^ i’m happy to be a lucky girl who gets a ‘good morning!’ text in the morning :’) hee. 
i think this was probably our first brunch date! or maybe there were others previously…hmm i can’t remember haha oops! :P Canopy at Bishan Park has been around for the longest time, but as usual, when places are near my home, i don’t visit them, and instead i travel soooo far away to find other good food haha. i’m lucky to be living where i am though ^^ keeps my tummy happy :D food review will be up in the next post! ;) 
i LOVE this photo of the two of us!!!! (: haha and darling, your zi pai skills have improved tremendously ;) you’re smiling normally!! haha. always good to ask guys to take the photo because their arms are longer ;)
and i requested an ootd shot :P haha the lighting is so bad though, so i edited it. my camera is going cuckoo! D: i don’t know what’s wrong with it, but the colours sometimes look really washed out when i use the auto mode :( don’t know how to correct it. sigh. haha and that day i was really silly, i totally dropped my fork TWICE in a row, with eggs benedict and hollandaise sauce on it, onto my blouse!!! forever clumsy…haha. finally wearing shorts out for the first time since i got back! (this was more than a month ago haha). so happy ^^ and totally love my primark tank tops which are so affordable, and super airy and light – perfect for singapore’s weather ;)
Top: Primark //
Shorts: old
Bangles: Primark, New Look 
Ring: Primark

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