Maison Ikkoku

this place is set to become one of my favourite brunch places! ^^ love the extensive menu, cosy decor and yummy-looking dessert counter :D wish i could have tried some desserts, but we were stuffed after our brunch haha. they had a rainbow cake!!!! i wanna try that!!
because i already had an overdose of eggs that weekend, i decided against the range of eggs benedicts/florentines etc even though they sounded so delicious! there were so many of them to choose from that got me all excited ^^ instead, i opted for the french toast with fresh berries ($18), and it was absolutely delicious :D two thick slices of fluffy toast, drizzled with a generous amount of maple syrup ^^ i loved the berries that came with it as well! they were so naturally sweet and not undermined by the maple syrup at all! you might want to ask them to leave out the cream though. it was thick and grainy (something like icing sugar?) and way too sweet.
yummy iced chocolate ($7)! :) kinda pricey but it’s such a big glass! quite worth the price for its rich flavour, without being too thick (if you don’t like the italian chocolate kind).
yi got the salmon florentine ($18). it looked a little sparse and sad on the plate, but the taste more than made up for it!! it contained a delightfully flowy yolk, and i especially loved the homemade hollandaise sauce!! can’t figure out what the special ingredient was, yi suggested garlic (?), but it stood out from your typical sauce and was soooo delicious!
perhaps a healthier option to the above dish (without hollandaise – omg i just found out how unhealthy it is >< and it's my fav brunch dish!!!) would be the smoked salmon scrambled ($18). i actually quite liked this dish as well! (: i love scrambled eggs ^^ this kinda looks a bit more like an omelette, but i guess the good thing was that it's not so creamy/milky (: it came with home-made guacamole too!!!! YUMS :D 
zhen had the hangover omelette ($16) – real comfort food ;) the omelette was oozing with cheeseeeee. yummy! and i love their salad here :D the dressing was delicious and it came with sliced roasted almonds which lent both a crunch and nutty flavour which i love! (:
mummy ordered the croque madame ($15), which turned out differently from what we thought it would be! it seemed more de-constructed, but no less tasty ;) the bread crust was a little tough (i had SUCH a hard time trying to cut through it -.-), but other than that, it was yummy! 
Maison Ikkoku
20 Kandahar Street 
Tel.: +65 6294 0078
Mon-Thu 9am-9pm
Fri, Sat, PH Eve 9am-11pm
Sun & PH 9am-7pm

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