Glasgow day trippin’ – Scottish Highlands

hi!! :) this post is actually going to be more of a spam of pictures of my day trip out to the Scottish Highlands from Glasgow ^^ pictures speak a thousand words, and i have 5 or 6? haha so imagine that in words :P 
i never knew that Scotland was so beautiful, and it really has so much to offer with its AMAZING scenery :’) i took the tour from but you can really just google and you’ll find many similar tours. i would think the quality, prices and tour options are about the same, so it’s really your personal preference! i really enjoyed how the tours here are much cosier and personalized than all other tours i’ve taken so far though! the only downside was probably the transport, where a group of around 15-20 of us were in a mini-van. there was sufficient space for each person, but no extra space to move around much. but this made for a more intimate experience i guess, where our driver was the tour guide and he literally gave us the entire tour while driving, telling us about the history of the place, what are the various sights etc. and he was a huge camwhore haha, and so we had numerous stops along the way for photo ops and to just take in the scenery and fresh air ^^ 
i went for the Loch Ness, Glencoe and Highland tour for £39. there are actually more tour options from Edinburgh if you are staying there too btw! anyway this tour brought us through the hills and mountains, the lakes (i didn’t get to see the Loch Ness monster, boo!) and castles. some options entail additional costs though! such as visiting the castle or taking a cruise on the lake.
okay, enough words! take a look for yourself ^^
Scotch whiskey! take the whiskey tour if you like it ;)
breathtaking loch ness :’) 

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