My first VanityTrove

ooh i was so excited to receive my VanityTrove in the mail last week! ^^ the anticipation of receiving a parcel in the mail is a feeling that one doesn’t get very often nowadays. and unfortunately, i was deprived of the opportunity to get my hand-delivered parcel in the mail because i wasn’t at home at that time -.- but i was so excited to see it lying on the table when i came home one day!! (apparently it’d been sitting there for a couple of days but i didn’t realise because i had been coming home late. which means that i was delivered within 1-2 days after i ordered it! very efficient ^^). anyway, you can check out my introduction to VanityTrove here first, if you aren’t sure what this is all about. 
these were all the lovely products i’d selected personally, plus a couple of mystery bonus items from the lovely people at VanityTrove ^^
so far my favourite has to be the Aqua Rine Japanese Aroma Bath Sea Salt Peach. the texture was very unlike what i’d expected – instead of coarse sea salts, this scrub consisted of extremely fine particles, that were super gentle of my skin. i really liked how it buffed my skin as i rubbed it on in circular motions, and as i left it on for a couple of minutes, it dissolved into this smooth, slightly soapy sheen that left my skin feeling cleansed and moisturized. it has detoxifying properties too!
one of my mystery bonus items was the Kerastase Elixir Ultimate Oleo-Complex. i’m always looking for hair oils that do not leave my head feeling like a greaseball, and this fits the bill perfectly!! it is so light on my hair, yet helps to smooth and tame my flyaways. made from a combination of camellia, argan, maize and pracaxi oils, this is an effortless treatment that leaves my hair feeling oh-so-pampered :) 
these are some of the other products in my personalized VanityTrove ^^ check out my reviews of these products! (:

touch in sol i’m covering you BB cream
Neogence Hyaluronic Acid
Evanose Black Tea Quench Mask

new samples are released on the VanityTrove website every monday at 12noon, so grab the fast selling ones quickly before they’re gone! ;) 

happy me with my first VanityTrove

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