Date night dress ;)

this was an outfit i wore quite a while back actually! but i quite liked it so decided to post it now :p haha. and i remember how we were colour-coordinated that day too! ^^ hehe it was so funny, we always happen to do that, unplanned!! my dress matched his maroon pants ;) telepathy! ^^ yippee :D
hehe really quite like this dress that i got from her velvet vase (: almost a year ago! it’s always nice to have sisters so that we can share clothes all the time hehe. double the wardrobe :D and i brought my pretty bag out for the first time since sam was driving that day! woohoo! no need for all the random stuff like umbrella and water bottle etc haha which always makes my bag so huge -.- it was such a sweet date just catching up after a long time, and chatting in the car while it was pouring outside (luckily we got to the car in time!!). shall wear more pretty outfits hehe ;)
Dress: Her Velvet Vase //
Bag: Prada //
Bracelets: Thomas Sabo, bugis street (can’t rmb?)


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