Kki has been around for quite awhile, and i’ve long wanted to try this place! it’s located in the ann siang hill area together with The Little Drom Store, which is a shop selling quirky little knick-knacks that are pretty cute! (: i have to say that this space is really small though! i was beyond surprised when i saw it actually. hahaha. i thought it would be some upstairs-downstairs kind of concept, but it’s all really in one space. and i think the seating capacity is less than 20? so you might have to be prepared to wait if you plan to go there. 
honestly, i was a tad disappointed when i was there. although it was a lovely space and the cakes were quite yummy! (: i’ll tell you why along the way.
tiramisu: a very light mousse-like cake. dig deeper for the alcohol!! :D 
souffle milk tea cake: a very unexpected flavour (: it possessed a slight hint of a tea aroma and was very light. 
strawberry cake: the sweetest of the three. even though the texture was mousse-like, similar to the other two, the strawberry flavour was infused into every bit of the cake (: 
i was surprised that the cakes were SO tiny. and for an exorbitant price of around $8-$10 if i remember correctly. and when we reached there at 4pm, they told us to order asap because it was their last round of cakes…but they’re supposed to open till 7pm? O.o i wonder what they’re gonna do if they sell out before then! the service was also a little iffy. i mean, in general it was pretty good because the staff helped us to get an extra table and chair because of our large group, but at times i felt that they were just a teeny bit rude.
also one thing to remember is that these japanese cakes are really light! because of their mousse texture, they’re very airy and aren’t substantial at all. i guess for a lady-like tea they’ll do ;) but the staff actually recommended us to get 3 cakes for 2 people. i’m not telling you not to visit this place, because their cakes were undoubtedly tasty. but just keep these things in mind, and manage your expectations, and be prepared to spend. 
7 Ann Siang Hill
Tel.: +65 6225 6650
Tue-Sat 12pm-7pm
Sun 1pm-7pm
Mon Closed

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