hello!!! :) *AUNTIE-SYNDROME ALERT!* but i’m sure you all will be happy to know about this if you haven’t heard of it! haha. Esplanade Mall is having 1-for-1 lunchtime deals for Visa cardholders and there is only one more month till the end of this promotion! 
i can’t believe i waited so long for this haha, but last week i headed down to Barossa to check out the promotion (: the most value-for-money if you ask me ^^ they have one, two and three-course set lunches, and if you get just the main course, it’s at $10++, which means after the 1-for-1, you pay about $6nett. o.m.g. how affordable is that??!! only slightly more than what you’ll pay at the food court opposite school, and you get restaurant food plus an awesome view. 
i got the blue mussel aglio olio (i think that’s the name) which was extremely fragrant, with a generous dash of garlic, just the way i like it ;) the mushrooms fried with it were delicious as well! i found the mussels a little too fishy though :/ 
i quite liked the gourmet beef burger! (: not sure whether the size is sufficient for a guy, but it looked pretty good to me! and the beef patty was pretty tasty, though i would have liked it to be a little juicier. it came with a generous serving of thick-cut fries as well.
overall, i wouldn’t say the food is super good, but it’s definitely decent, and for the price, what’s there to complain about? :D be prepared for a crowd though! the staff are pretty shorthanded, so you might have to wait a little to get their attention, but other than that, it’s a really nice place to chill and enjoy an affordable lunch (:
check out the rest of Esplanade’s 1-for-1 deals!
Esplanade Mall #01-11
Tel.: +65 6534 5188

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