Soap & Glory

so i was telling you about my shopping adventures in Boots and i told y’all that i’ll blog about the stuff i bought from there – so here’s the first bunch of products i got! ^^ soap & glory!!!!! :D sooooo affordable to buy here – way way way better than in singapore ;) 
jiayee first introduced me to their products when we went shopping together for a present once. and i didn’t really buy their stuff then, although i was oogling at their products in sephora. and i’m so glad that i didn’t get anything then! when i saw these in Boots in uk, i just went crazyyyy. haha i absolutely love the how their packaging teases me, and they’re just calling out to me!! “buy me! buy me!” haha. so i got three scrubs :P just cos they smell so good. and because boots has this awesome 3-for-2 promotion (that seems to be ongoing permanently, except in the damn airport -.- so pissed with that haha). so just to give you an idea…the scrubs retail at around $22 in sephora here, while they cost £8.50 in boots. coupled with the 3-for-2 promotion, they’re about only $11 which is literally half the price of that in singapore??!!!!!! OMG. BUY. hahaha. 
i loved their products so much that i got the travel sized versions as well, which are pretty affordable ^^ yippee!! 


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