Kelly x Green

haha i don’t really understand why there is a colour called kelly green :p i don’t like green at all!! okay, or rather, i don’t like the ‘kelly green’ shade of green and most shades, but i do like the pale jade/mint green! (: anyway, i was super lucky to try out one of Sephora’s new fall colours for nails! and since i was getting a manicure done, i decided to be bold and try something different! since i don’t have any colour that is similar to this. i can’t remember exactly which one is was, if i’m not wrong it’s Green Revolution! 

i liked how these bottles of nail polish have a pretty short brush, which makes it much easier to control and apply (: my manicurist was also raving about how the brush fanned out perfectly, which also eases application. the Sephora range of nail polishes are priced at a more reasonable price of $12, as compared to OPI and China Glaze etc! and they come in small bottles, so you could probably finish them up before you get bored of the colour ;)

it was finished off with Butter London Matte Finish top coat! (: i love how it instantly gave a completely new appearance to the nail polish. the matte finish is so refreshing, and since i don’t like green thaaat much, i liked how it made the colour pop, subtly, without screaming ‘look at me!’. this is one product that i would love to have as part of my nail polish collection because it basically doubles the utility of your whole range of polishes by giving it a different look ;) 

anyway i had my nails done at Blow+Bar! it’s this really cool lifestyle salon, set in a bar environment, that specializes in hair blowouts for events, a special night, or because you’re in the mood for it ;) they also provide the usual services such as haircuts, perms etc, and mani/pedis.

*note that the salon carries OPI, China Glaze and other brands, but not those mentioned in this post

7 Rodyk Street (Robertson Quay)
Tel.: +65 6238 7338
Mon-Thu 10.30am-9.30pm
Fri-Sat 10am-9.30pm
Sun 10am-8.30pmb

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