Jones the Grocer

now that i’m back, it’s time to plough through my list of singapore food places to go ;) there have been so many new places popping up while i was away! can’t wait to try them all ^^ brunch, tea, lunch/dinner etc :D excited! 

well, so jones the grocer isn’t exactly new, and while i’ve heard many times that it’s good but overpriced, i just had to try it for myself haha. and yup, i came to the same conclusion :p it’s good, but just expensive. probably not worth coming back for when i can get better food elsewhere for cheaper (: i liked the atmosphere there though! it was good that we went just before lunch, and i guess because it’s in ion, and the restaurant was pretty big, it’s just nice to chill there with friends because it doesn’t get too crowded. 

the breakfast menu at jones was pretty limited to the standard dishes, and many of them were pretty ex! so i went for the safe option – eggs benedict ($20) with spinach and smoked ham. i was initially disappointed when it arrived because it looked so much smaller than classic bacon & eggs ($18, below)! it really seemed quite pathetic that i received such a small portion for that kind of price. not very worth it at all. but the good thing was that the taste made up for it (: the spinach was surprisingly flavourful, something i didn’t expect, and the dish achieved a delicate balance of tastes that was just right. i liked how the egg was done perfectly, with the yolk flowy – like how a proper poached egg should be. and it was surprisingly filling despite it being a single egg! 

the classic bacon & eggs was a really huge portion! and i really liked the roast tomato that came with it! super juicy and sweet – just like the italian ones ^^ (gosh i miss those so much!)

the spanish baked eggs ($21) was pretty well done too! i really enjoyed the ‘broth’ or whatever you call that thing in the pot haha. it was laced with interesting spices such as chorizo, red peppers and tomato relish that gave it a robust piquancy.

Jones the Grocer
ION Orchard #04-14
Tel.: +65 6884 5597
Daily 10am-10pm 

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