so it’s back to school again! last year of university now. eight months since i stepped into SMU, and i’m back with mixed feelings. kinda bummed out that school has started once again, and i’ve got to get back into the studying-mode (not that i study super hard, but i still have to do work right :p and i’m taking THREE accounting mods this sem. boohoooooo :”( imma die xP). but also excited about this last year – my final lap of life as a student, to chase dreams and explore new things without worrying (too much) about the consequences, to take chances, to be young and silly, to maximize this one year to the fullest. i’m reaching the end of my student life, but now it’s the start of a new year, and after that, it’ll be the start of a whole new phase of life. exciting, definitely :) 
and the last two weeks before school started were simply bliss!! ^^ happiness for my heart (and tummy hahaha). with everyone ending internship, IT WAS TIME TO PLAY. totally enjoyed to our hearts’ content! :) all these experiences, i don’t know if we’ll ever get it again once we start work. our last summer as students (not counting grad trip here). play play play!
(lots of photo credits to SK)
yayyy jiayee is back! ^^ complete with a new haircut and all :D i’m so tempted to cut my hair again!! but it always misbehaves >:( celebrated her homecoming with a sashimi outing!!!!! :) love standing sushi bar’s promotional rates hehe. too good already. i don’t think i had eaten much sashimi since i got back (and it had been almost 2 months already!) so i was equally excited hehe.
my gals ^^ big love!! <3 almost all of us now! 
we had dessert at ben & jerry’s after that too!!! omg haven’t eaten it for the longest time. missed it so much :D haha my tummy was SO HAPPY that day. 
darling and i finally had our haji lane date! ^^^ 
since we came back from europe, we’ve been trying to find new stuff to do in singapore. and actually there is really quite a bit to do in singapore! since the both of us had never been to haji lane prior to this (so noob right, i know), we decided to go there to explore :) it’s really up to you whether you make the effort to find things to do and actually do it. unfortunately some activities do require spending, and being (pooooor) students, we can’t always do everything we want. but i’m pretty glad that we had quite a number of fun dates where the activities were budget ones! ^^ only spend on food, which can really cost a bomb T.T but worth spending on ;)
haha like wine. SO E.X.P.E.N.S.I.V.E. in singapore, but we still decided to indulge anyway. i miss my cheap italian wines for <€5, and yet so good!!! we could get D.O.C. wines for that price, and it is the second-best grade already! imagine that. we went to FIV五 Izakaya Bar, where they have quite a number of good $5 deals on their drinks! – choose from a selection of housepour wines, asahi beer, sake, sochu, choya and housepour spirits. instead of getting drinks by the glass, we decided to get a bottle of their housepour wine instead for $30. (could buy like 5 bottles of wine in italy with that amount of money -.-‘” miss it so much!!!!!) it wasn’t very nice haha :p but really enjoyed just spending the time together drinking and chatting ^^ 
FIV五 Izakaya Bar
25 Cuppage Road, Cuppage Terrace 
Tel.: +65 6733 8097
we went to adventure cove!!!!! ^^ yay *o/* i’ve been hearing so much about adventure cove and the SEA Aquarium since it opened and i was away on exchange. the initial plan was to go to the aquarium, but turns out that it’s more expensive (i don’t understand why) and we figured that there would be more things for us to do at the water theme park. and it was such a blast! don’t have any pics from the theme park itself because we obviously weren’t going to bring our cameras in to get soaked. haha. but it was good fun playing the whole day, spending time away from our phones and technology ;) LOVED the wave pool – i think that was the most hilarious part of the whole day where we just bobbed up and down and laughed like crazy until we swallowed so much water because we kept getting engulfed by the waves. and i tried “cliff” diving! omg scariest experience of my life :O but it was cool!!!! 
after our day of playing ^^ we were so hungry because we didn’t eat anything since late morning. went for Carls’ Jr for dinner!!!!! :D (my first time also, deprived again. hahaha. and it was soooooo good).
after that, us girls headed to sk’s house for a sleepover! :) haha i have no idea how we managed to survive that, i was totally sleep-deprived. i was practically suffering from an on-off sleep debt for the whole of those two weeks. it was soooo fun! love how we spent the entire night up to around 3.30/4am just TALKING the entire time! hahahaha. sam was asking what we do during sleepovers, and he was whether we had that much to say. after the sleepover, i have to give a resounding ‘YES!’ hahaha. so amazed at the amount of things we could talk about. literally (and i’m not kidding) everything under the sun, totally jumping from one topic to another, and that could last us forever. i don’t think we could have run out of things to say. we were just too exhausted and had to sleep haha. 
even better, we went for the Vintage Tea Party at House/Barracks to round off our sleepover date! ^^ omg it was sooooo good! i will do a post on that sometime :) the spread was amazingly good! totally didn’t expect that. i was really glad that there was a good balance of sweet and savoury, and for $22++, it’s really quite a good deal! hee, living the tai-tai life ;) must practice for the future :P lol. (a girl can dream haha)
my bestie is backkkkk! ^^ finally!!!! <3<3<3 both of us decked in happy yellow! (: a total coincidence! hehe. had so much fun chatting with her last week and catching up :)))) reminded me why we are best friends. haha we are SO similar. lol.
camwhored so much over those two days!! haha love these girls sooo much ^^ i’ve totally missed all this camwhoring. can only do this while we’re young! ;) 
went running at henderson waves!! pardon the super cui face >.< having a terrible breakout phase :( i don't know whyyyy. anyone with a solution please give me some advice! :( it was such a good workout!!! running uphill is seriously damn tiring. haha my endurance for this is awful. but i enjoyed it! the views from the top of mount faber were a plus ^^ 
full hopers gathering!!!!! (: with none other than one of our fav activities (haha self-proclaimed) — bbq at my place! :D so happy that we finally have a full outing :)))))) before it’s scott’s turn to explore the world (omg i wanna pack up and go again tooooo). so fun and hilarious spending the night chatting and laughing with them! we always have such such an amazing time together :) 
haha this is such a long post! and i still have something else, but that deserves a post of it’s own ;) for everyone back in school for the last year, enjoy, and make the most of it! :))) looking forward to the year ahead ^^ 

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