Il Giusto

finally! last of the restaurants to go in Castellanza. who knew there were so many?! haha. Il Giusto is actually nearer to legnano, rather than Castellanza itself. we had to walk pretty far! but it was worth it ^^ definitely one of the better places for food here! it was hilarious how the place looked completely deserted when we reached there though -.- we were early. by italian standards that is. reached around 7pm and the place looked closed, even though the opening hours stated that it was early? we were devastated D: we had walked for 20mins for nothing??!! stood there for 5min and decided to randomly ring a bell that we saw. and it worked!!!!! haha. the chef personally came to the door to open it for us lol. and we had the pleasure of being the only customers for the most part of our meal (Y).
we started with the bread, which simply blew me away with how delicious it was!!! so many varieties! as you can see in the photo. and each of them were absolutely amazing. especially the sesame one! soooo goooood.
i ordered the salmon (€10) which was a really simple, yet tasty dish (: the salmon felt so healthy, and it came with sundried tomatoes, spinach and almonds which complemented it perfectly and lent flavour to it. 
sam ordered the tuna pasta (€10) that was not bad! but just a little strange because of the taste of the olives. 
we really didn’t have any fate with dessert that week though! :( all those i wanted were always not available. sigh. then again it was probably a good thing, because i think i gained at least 1kg just by eating out that week -.- haha.
Il Giusto
Via Locatelli, 2

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