Buffet attire @ The Line :))

HAHA and so as usual i can never resist food. when it comes to a buffet, i’m always ready to go all out! and despite wanting to lose weight, i ended up gaining the pathetic 0.5kg i lost in the week because i gorged myself at the buffet as usual. #fatdieme. so greedy as always!! 
haha so anyway, when i go for a buffet, i always make sure that i’m appropriately dressed to EAT ;) which means no body-hugging clothes (enough space for my expandable tummy :P), no belts and basically clothes that are easy to move around in hehe. you all have probably seen this dress in some of my pics before…i got it over a year ago at bugis! and i totally love it ^^ i took a really long time to find a nice maxi dress that is easy to wear (my first was a mistake because i bought a tube maxi which was so heavy it simply couldn’t hold itself up -.-), and this was perfect for both dressing up and down! ^^ just slipped on some accessories and i was all ready for THE LINE :D (and i’m lovin’ my moustache ring as well!! ^^)
Dress: Bugis //
Bracelets: Bugis //
Ring: Primark
now is time for the buffet :D words are not needed here. haha although i didn’t take too many pictures (busy eating obviously!)
very fresh seafood :D again (saying this for the millionth time), i’m so glad that i’ve learnt to eat seafood ;) imagine not touching any of this! it would be so not worth the money haha (auntie-syndrome :P). i didn’t even take that much okay. just a bit of everything. i’m usually quite lazy when it comes to seafood, more than bothering about the taste. take the crab for instance. the amount of time taken to peel it open is sometimes just too exhausting :P plus i don’t like to dirty my hands. haha but enough of my OCD. i really loved the oysters!!!!!! i have to say these were the best oysters i’ve ever eaten. okay, i must admit that i haven’t eaten that many, but i was really surprised how it was completely not fishy at all, and in fact, tasted spectacular with the lemon juice and chili i drizzled on it!! 
loved loved loved the sashimi as well ^^ but i didn’t get a picture of it.
the indian section of the buffet is apparently quite famous! especially their tandoori prawns. omg there was this bunch of dudes who planted themselves right in front of the indian section, blocking everyone’s way, just waiting for those prawns. seriously… -.- but they were REALLY GOOD. i was really surprised! super juicy, fat prawns, and the smokey aroma was to-die-for. 
there were also loads of other sections of the buffet ^^ so many cuisines! i like :D totally in heaven that day heehee :D 
and of course, even though i was already full after my 5 rounds of food (haha can go see my instagram for that :P), i still had to fit in dessert, until i felt like i was exploding >.< and i'm still sad i didn't get to try the fondue!!!! :( cos really too full already. i actually felt full, but still bearable after all the savoury stuff, but dessert killed me haha :X but it was so fun! (: going there with a bunch of girls, we just took one of each type of dessert so that we could share and sample everything! :))) so fun :D 
i’m definitely not gonna put myself through this again anytime soon. but The Line at Shangri-La hotel definitely has one of the BEST buffet spreads ever :)) 
*on a side note…they could have maintained the restaurant a bit better. the tables were not properly cleaned! :/

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