Omakase Burger

there had been quite a number of new foodie enclaves which popped up while i was on exchange, and i mistakenly thought that The Grandstand was one of them. turns out that it was just turf city, renamed as something else -.- haha so lame!! i got cheated! but they have made some efforts to revamp the place, and although it’s still SUPER ulu, it made for quite a nice date experience with its quietness (: 
it’s really far from civilization though -.- haha if sam didn’t have the car that day, we wouldn’t have even attempted to go anywhere near there lol.
i’m glad that we did though! (: because i’ve been hearing about omakase burger for quite long and i’ve been wanting to try it! ^^ and it was gooooood. totally worth the travelling there ;) (if you have the car that is). 
i ate their signature omakase cheeseburger ($13.50), and i lovedddd their beef patty!! made with hand-ground beef, it was deliciously succulent and juicy, with a texture that cannot be achieved in your typical macdonalds patty. this was what made the burger stand out in my opinion. we were (okay, i was) totally squealing in delight as we ate our burgers ^^ this is really a no-frills burger though, so if you want more ingredients, i suggest you get the deluxe/ultimate burger. the truffle fries ($6.90) were nothing to shout about. 
although the burger could be considered small to some people, but i felt that together with the fries (shared with sam), the portion was just right! felt sufficiently full, without feeling like i overate (: but it was pretty expensive for a burger and while i probably wouldn’t come back anytime soon, it’s definitely good for a first try! (:
Omakase Burger
200 Turf Club Road, The Grandstand #01-05
Tel.: +65 6763 2698
Mon-Thu 11.30am-3.30pm
Fri-Sun 11am-10pm


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