Locanda Settembrini

this restaurant was probably one of the first places in Castellanza we dined out at. thanks to the recommendation of our friends ^^ and i daresay it’s the place with the best pasta in castellanza! (: we were getting quite disappointed with the dining-out options we had, but realised that it really wasn’t too bad in our little town after all! Locanda Settembrini definitely impressed with its flair in doing pastas and i regret not going back for more.
we heard sterling reviews of the pappardelle al salmone (€9) way before coming here, and it didn’t disappoint! although i was rather apprehensive upon hearing that it was cream-tomato based (my fear of carbonara just wouldn’t go away haha), i needn’t have worried. this was divine! though creamy, the flavour of the tomato sauce more than countered it, and produced a delightful sauce that made us want to lick the plate clean.
because i was worried about the creaminess, i opted for the spaghetti alta marea (€10) instead, which was a pesto-based pasta with prawns and squid. loved how fragrant this dish was!
and sam’s dish has got to be the star of this restaurant!!!! the flaming aluminium-foil swan earned him “oohs!” and “ahhs!” when it was placed in front of him. haha the boy basked in the limelight for a few minutes ;) and the amazing presentation of the penne all’astice (€20) was simply a prelude to actual show! the lobster pasta was so robustly flavoured that a multitude of tastes exploded in my mouth when i took a bite of it. absolutely wonderful, and completely worth its relatively hefty price tag. 
Locanda Settembrini
Via Do Testori 30/A

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