Feeling blessed :’)

initially wanted to put all my birthday celebrations with friends in a single post, but i decided that each of them deserves their own! ^^ feeling super blessed after all the celebrations and i’m so thankful to have met all these wonderful people in university :’)
so glad to have full attendance (almost, missing ngan xP) for our gathering this time!! first time since we got back ^^ and so super duper happy to see everyone, and touched that they could all turn up! <3 hehe started with a round of spanish cava ;) #shiok. we actually wanted to go to wine connection but it was full!! everywhere in robertson quay was full on a friday evening obviously, but luckily we went early and managed to score a huge table at Barraka, a spanish tapas bar. 
the early birds ^^^
they surprised me with a birthday cake! :))) haha so sweet of them! it was like almost a week after my actual birthday already. big thanks to my sweet darling who went to buy the cake and made sure there was even a lighter to light the candle :’) everything was PERFECT <3 thanks baby!!! :*)
couldn’t stop beaming the ENTIRE evening :”) haha really super happy that day!!! 
got some ion orchard vouchers for my present! :)) omg i am seriously wondering how they knew i was browsing around VS that day :O haha. and scott bought me a bottle of ice wine as well!!! so excited to try it ^^
toasted to sangria too! ^^ haha this sangria was a bit strange though. it was a sparkling sangria, that looked and tasted more like orange juice. 
the girls! :)))) <3<3<3 so sweet, love them to bits! 
and everyone who was there! ^^ a group which is always growing bigger and tighter <3 (: 

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