i was just going through my photos to find the pizza place we first ate in Castellanza. and it suddenly just brought back a whole slew of images of this place. it’s been only about a month since i’ve got back to singapore, and it already feels like the past half a year is somewhat like a distant memory. something i’ll look back on fondly, knowing that i’ll never have another experience like this again (or maybe i will…haha if i dream enough :p).
i realised i didn’t post many pictures of life in castellanza. probably because it was just way too boring there. haha after the first two weeks we kinda figured there was really no point staying too long in this town, nor Milan, because either of these places had nothing much of value really. but i do miss those days, when life was really about just planning the next trip :p in between lessons, during lessons and after lessons haha. yep, that was my life for 4 months :P and i really enjoyed doing this. from being a complete noob at the start, i think i became quite good at it towards the end ;) and i did feel a sense of accomplishment planning our final italy trip! ;) 
haha we really didn’t take a lot of pics actually. because *AHEM* sam doesn’t like to take photos -.- something we are probably going to disagree on forever :P haha. these pics were in our first week or so in italy! (: when i was still relatively slim then… -.- haha. our first taste of limoncello, which we immediately concluded that it tastes disgusting! like drinking lozenges O.o 
i always have mildly retarded expressions on my face…trying to look greedy but #fail.
and now this is one greedy boy :P
heehee. this is our favourite pizza place! okay i know i said that Pizzeria Mondello has the best pizzas, but this was the shop that we patronized so often ^^ more for the kebabs though! because it is the most balanced meal we could get. LOVED the kebabs, although im sure there are better ones everywhere else in europe (this seems to be their kind of fast food! which i like way more than macs actually :D). and we went there so often, usually before and after every single trip haha, that the staff could recognise us ;) guess it’s quite interesting to be a minority and stand out in the crowd for once! ^^ unfortunately i can’t remember the name of this place, but it’s the ONLY kebab shop in castellanza and it’s right next to school, soooo i’m sure it’s easy to find ;) this town is not big at all :) 

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