Portagram! (:

hihi! (: i’ve been waiting so long to share this with you guys! ^^ my portagram prints have finally arrived!!!! WOOHOO!!!! there was some mix-up initially and so i took longer than normal to get my prints, but usually you will receive them within no longer than a week! (: 
so i came back from exchange and i took like 600+ photos on instagram in addition to those on my camera. heh ^^ miss those days when EVERY SINGLE THING was instagram-worthy ;) haha so funny that day i went out with sk and rach, and rach took a photo of ion orchard just because there is nothing else very photo-worthy in singapore :p at least for us who have been living here all our lives haha. and portagram came in so handy for me to print my instagram photos!!! :D i’m gonna use them to decorate my new bedroom hehe :D so excited!!
there are three different paper types for you to print your photos on! the standard paper type is portagram’s signature, and has a lovely vintage-y finish. perfect if you like to use the instagram filters which give this kind of effect. it has such a retro, old-school vibe to it! 
my favourite is actually the premium paper, which has a silvery-shiny finish that gives it a luxe appearance which i love! and it makes all the photos look so flattering with the vibrant colours (: 
the classic paper type is a very simple, clean-white, slightly glossy finish. i like how the pictures are especially clear when printed on this paper, and definitely choose this if you’re going for a modern look! (:
for each order, it comes in a roll of 12 pictures, and costs USD$6. but but but!!! i have a discount code to thank you all for supporting my blog! (: 
QUOTE “kelly” for 20% off on your order! 
which means you only pay USD$4.80 for 12 pictures! (: and delivery is free within singapore ^^ now isn’t that awesome?! i think it’s the same price as printing in a photo shop, and here you get different paper options! get your prints now!! ;) and remember to hashtag #portagram when you take a picture of your lovely prints! ;)


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