Folks Collective

finally met up with debbie & weiling (sans linwei >.<) since i got back! :)) it has been the longest time since i saw these girls!!! really miss those days when we sat together in secondary school :') haha most hilarious and fun moments ever. have to say that i really enjoyed my sec 4 years despite O levels, all thanks to them ^^ can't wait for linwei to be back so that we can meet all together before it's debbie's turn to fly off! :( JEALOUSSSS. haha :p 
kinda dread going to raffles place since i came back to singapore, because it’s just the hell opposite of europe – so crowded and hot. especially in the afternoon! you’ll never find me there. not anymore…haha at least for now. but i made an exception for dinner with them ;) and also because i wanted to try out Folks Collective, a new thai restaurant that has recently opened there! been hearing quite a lot about it and i was quite excited to try it ^^ btw, i’m being super greedy nowadays with my appetite ballooning back to what it originally was x.x kill meeee. it’s totally thwarting any weightloss plans that i have haha. terrible… 
i read quite a number of reviews that were of a similar vein in commenting about the lack of taste in the food at Folks Collective. but i was surprised to find my experience otherwise though! haha maybe they took some action after all the reviews, and have now increased it by leaps and bounds. it was really spicy!!!!!! but definitely yummy (: 
pardon the bad picture quality, i forgot to bring my camera :( 
i was SO devastated that they didn’t have the set menu for dinner :”( it’s only for lunch! and i’d been so looking forward for my food to be served in the tingkat carriers :( but i guess that didn’t dampen my food enjoyment one bit (: the green curry ($8.90) had a really spicy kick – my stomach felt like it was on fire after that :O haha (because i’d also eaten something spicy for lunch and i ate this without rice!). i felt that it was quite watery though, but i didn’t mind that too much because it tasted yummy! and there was a very generous serving of meat inside ;) plus points! ^^ 
all of us loved the pad thai ($9.90) for its fragrance! (: it had a lovely sweet flavour that shone through, and coupled with a fiery spiciness, it was a wonderfully balanced dish. 
perhaps the only issue people could have with this place is their portion sizes. i read numerous reviews about how the portions were only good enough to satisfy OLs. haha and i agree, because it didn’t satisfy my ravenous tummy that day. but honestly i’m quite happy with those portions that would keep me just full, but not overly so (: 
Folks Collective
China Square Central #01-25
Tel.: +65 6536 6739
Mon-Fri: 10.30am-11pm
Sat: 10.30am-11.30pm
Closed Sunday

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