More birthday celebrations! (:

haha i have to say that i actually enjoy celebrating my birthday with different groups of people, rather than the humongous 21st birthday bash i had last year. don’t get me wrong, it’s not that i didn’t enjoy it! i really loved the planning part and preparing for it. it was the first time i really organized an event from scratch and i’m super proud of it hehe. it’s just that there were so many people and i felt like i was totally spaced out, not really knowing who to entertain and all. feel kinda bad that i barely managed to talk to a lot of people. instead, on my other birthdays, i’m really glad to be able to spend quality time with the people who are important to me, in smaller groups! (: more intimate, better interaction and prolonged celebration mwahahahaha ;) 
soooo met up with the girls, sk & rach one day after my birthday for dinner! (: so sweet these two girls ^^ really appreciate them taking time out to celebrate my birthday with me!
love this photo of us! we were on the super long escalator in ION and immediately whipped out the camera for a photo-op lol!! haha this is what happens when there are no guys around to complain/laugh at how ridiculous we are being ;)
had dinner at &made! (: the review will be up in…erm a few months time haha because i’ve got too many backlogged posts alr >.< i'm sorry!!
and they got me fairy lights as a present!!!! awwwww :”) haha somehow they always know what to get for me for my birthday! ^^ i loved it!!! perfect for decorating my room when it’s ready! :D can’t wait! ;)

and jiayee is back!!!! (: sashimi date with everyone on monday xx 


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