Pizzeria l’espresso

something to remember when you’re here!!! – try their seafood pastas, and DON’T order what we did :p haha, unless you’re a humongous fan of cheese that is ;)

you might be thinking “what a way to start off this post”…haha yeah i realise it sounds a little strong, but yepps just take a look at my spaghetti alla carbonara (€6). i had such a tough time getting even half of this down my throat. i’m honestly not a fan of carbonara and this just proved my point further. the thing is, many places in italy serve the most amazing carbonara ever! that is not creamy AT ALL, simply made with lots of eggs and really much lighter than what i’d known carbonara to be. and so i decided to try carbonara once before i left italy, and unfortunately it was a big mistake :( the first few mouths were tolerable. very very cheesy though, and i couldn’t finish half my plate. and it was a huge portion! which was such a waste :( 

the penne mari e monti (€10) was cheesy, but in a different way. somehow mixing spoonfuls of this in between my carbonara made it more bearable. i think because this had some sort of a mushroomy/meaty flavour that helped to neutralize it a little. nevertheless, don’t order this, because the ingredients inside were a little strange. really no idea what it is O.o

so what is the point of this post if you’re not supposed to eat anything we ordered? 

hahaha. because we saw other tables ordering the seafood pasta which looked AMAZING. it looked and smelled so mouth-watering and we were damnnn jealous of it!!!! haha wish we had ordered that D: but so now i’m advising you, and you know what to order from there ;)

Pizzeria L’espresso
Via Borsano 42


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