Percy & Reed

Products with whimsical, tongue-in-cheek packaging that teases the eyes as much as it captures a girl’s heart. It is almost impossible to resist its appearance, and ladies have to thank the founders for creating this range products that are so pretty, they’d love to showcase it on their vanity.

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I had the greatest pleasure of meeting the founders of Percy & Reed – Paul Percival and Adam Reed – when they came to Singapore to promote their new line of products that would be launched in Sephora come September this year. I watched them coiffe the hair of ten very lucky ladies. I’ve seen the results and felt them. Or rather, I felt absolutely nothing on their hair, which is exactly what made me fall in love with their products! As the two celebrity stylists sprayed and massaged their products into the hair of their clients, I watched with fascination as flat hair was volumized to three times its original size, so wonderfully light and wispy. And the best part? It looked and felt completely natural. If you ran your hands through their hair, you would never have been able to imagine the amount of products that went into it, because it felt just like how baby hair should be – smooth, silky and feather-light. 

Unlike all other typical hair products (honestly, I have not seen anything else like this range of products by Percy & Reed), the hair sprays, volumizers, texturizers and what-not do not leave your hair with any feeling of grease, stiffness or stickiness. The hairspray smells nothing like what you’d imagine it to be. Refreshing scents and light mists make up the products, and women in Singapore would fall in love with how well these are perfectly suited for our humid, hot weather. Percy & Reed kept in mind what they didn’t want in hair products they hated, based on their decades of hair-styling experience, and banished these undesirable features from their products. It just so happens that the products, created to solve the problems of London women – grease and volume – are completely in line with the issues that Singapore ladies face as well.

The No oil Oil is the first of two products highly recommended by the founders for our climate. Why this name? It’s because this oil is so light that it doesn’t leave any greasy residue on the hair at all. It feels nothing like oil! There are two versions of this product, for fine and thick hair. The version for fine hair is simply amazing in the way it plumps up the hair roots, creating volume, while smoothing out flyaways and the result is sleek, shiny hair. This can be likened to a primer (in makeup) for hair, applied only to wet hair, to prep it for a blowdry and other styling products. Two to three pumps should do the job, and be sure to massage it directly into the roots! 

The other product recommended by them was the Volumising Mousse. This has a lovely fluffy texture (just like clouds!) that is extremely light and blends beautifully into the hair giving lasting, extreme volume. 

 I had the luck of experiencing the products on my hair, albeit for a very short duration of 5 minutes, but I was astounded by the demonstration! The Session Hold Hairspray did wonders at holding up a huge bun atop my head, something which I have never been able to do on my own. Yet, my hair felt completely natural to the touch! Talk about a secret weapon – this is definitely top on my list. Once the pins were taken out of my hair and the bun loosened, it was effortless to comb through my hair, without any of the stiffness typically experienced with other hairsprays. I’m sold.

Finally, the last product I love from this collection, if only just for the pretty floral design on the packaging, is the Shine & Fragrance Spray. The design is not simply by chance, but rather to reflect the nuances in the scent – bees, to represent honey, and lightly coloured flowers to express the light floral scent of this spray. It smells so delectable! And it doubles up to create a beautiful sheen on hair, such that it appears sleek and fresh. 

I’m so in love with these products! 

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