Pizzeria Mondello

i’m back to continue with my castellanza posts! :P haha abit retarded, i don’t know who actually reads this. but juuuust in case some exchange students happen to want to know places to go in this little town (not that there are many), hopefully these posts will be useful to them! ;)

the BEST pizza in castellanza would be at pizza mondello! ^^ honestly, after eating italian pizza for 4 months, i really got quite bored of it because there was barely any variety at all. so if there was ANY chance at all where there was a slightly wider variety of pizza, i would jump at it ;) and this place was one of them! pity we only tried it out in our last week in italy though :( then again, it’s the most expensive option for pizza here. 

we opted for the Salina pizza (€6.50) which was a seafood pizza with fried calamari and shrimps! actually the shrimps totally looked like prawns haha (which is a good thing). always love italian pizzas for their crispy thin crust, and this was definitely one of the more tasty pizzas i’ve eaten, with it’s less typical ingredients ;)

so as usual…we were greedy xP haha. because we were so starved and they took so long to serve our first pizza, we gobbled it down within like, idk, less than 10 mins? and the thin crust really makes it feel so light! haha so we greedily decided to order another one….which was obviously a big mistake. not that it wasn’t good! i loved the Liscio calzone (€6) we ordered, and i’m glad that i had the chance to try this while in italy. but honestly, the first pizza was just nice (just that we ate too fast so we didn’t feel the fullness obviously) and the second was, as usual, too much. haha. we ended up not eating half the crust (even though i loved it!) because it was just way too much. 

anyway, so if you’re looking for the best pizza in Castellanza, this is the place to go ;)

Pizzeria Mondello
Via Eugenio Cantoni, 77


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