Happy Birthday Scott!

i ate the most MASSIVE CHOCOLATE CAKE in my life when we celebrated scott’s birthday haha. 
my photo angle is really quite lousy so you probably can’t imagine how big this cake was! but it’s about 2 or 3 times the height of a normal cake!!!! now that’s HUGE. and it comes with a pretty hefty price tag as well haha. a whole Au Chocolat cake costs more than $100 and a slice will set you back $18 :O gosh, i could buy a meal with that O.o but it’s worth it ;) (definitely more so than those puny cakes which were 1/5 of this size and cost nearly $10 -.-). haha anyway this is really the mother of all cakes, and i think 8 people can probably share it :P among the four of us (three of whom were girls, and the birthday guy had a sore throat), we literally struggled to finish this. but it was too good to be wasted!!! layers of dense brownie-like cake, interspersed with layers of chocolate mousse and chocolate sauce to drizzle over. this is the ultimate chocolate cake ;) can’t get it elsewhere and definitely worth your calories!!!!!
i seriously overate that day >.< because we were so hungry waiting for shan to come after work, we decided to order the truffle fries ($15). and they forgot our order -.- i was really getting quite angsty smelling the intoxicating aroma all around, as they brought out at least 3 servings of truffle fries, but not for us -.- ugh. the smell was totally drool-worth though. definitely the best smelling truffle fries ever. unfortunately, that created expectations that were completely dashed when the fries arrived :"( these were by far one of the most pathetic truffle fries i've ever tasted….out of that whole basket, only 2 pieces i ate actually had the taste of truffle, and everything else was just like your average fries. sighs.
my previous experience at Au Chocolat was way better! read about it here (: i’m so sorry i deleted all the photos of it accidentally though :( anyway, remember to try the chocolate cake!!!! :D 

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