Superheroes are back :D & the famous Santouka Ramen!

it’s been almost a month since i got back and finally i get to see this group of people again! ^^ photos from sk’s camera cos i was lazy to take out mine :p

just half of our group! can’t wait for ngan & jiayee to get back :))) 
hotties with sunnies ;) haha bhb. we had tea at kki! (: will blog about that soon ;)
Dress: Forever 21 //
Clutch: Primark //
Bangles: New Look //
Sunglasses: Ray Ban //
i love my sunglasses from Ray Ban!!!! :D you have no idea how long it took for sam & I to find a pair of aviators that suited me. super happy with my buy! ^^ although i don’t think it cost any cheaper in italy. but so worth it cos i love it! (: 
we spent quite a long time deciding where to go for dinner! from tim ho wan (decided against it because of the possible queue…but i’m so gonna try it SOON), to jumbo seafood (they wanted us to clear out by 7.30pm which meant that we couldn’t sit and chill :/ ), to song fa bkt (another one i have to try soon!!! also looked crowded and hot). finally settled on Ramen Santouka! :D quite happy because i’ve heard of this place, vaguely, and it’s probably existed for quite long. but it never really occurred to me to go there. and i was craving some ramen!! so glad that we came here ;)
look at that egg!!!! it was so delicious *drools*. it’s really the very well-executed japanese egg which is slightly more than half-boiled inside (maybe 3/4? haha) so that the yolk is still gooey even though the outside is hard boiled. i wanna try making this egg someday! honestly i have no idea how long to boil eggs actually. haha :p anyway, this egg costs an additional $1.50 on top of your dish, and you HAVE to get it. (after that i was kinda scared of eggs though, cos i had like 6 eggs in the past 3 days or sth like that :O) they have different soup bases for the ramen, like shio/shoyu/miso/spicy miso, and they come in three sizes! i love that. i chose the smallest size shoyu ramen ($12.50), and it was just the right size for me! (: loved the robust broth and springy noodles, and i was so full after that!
what i would really recommend though, is the pork cheek ramen! it was SO GOOD. after eating my one pathetic slice of cha shu in my ramen, i tried one slice of sam’s pork cheek. and it was so melt-in-your mouth tender! absolutely delightful! this is THE perfect dish with the broth-noodles-pork cheek-egg coming together in a harmonious blend of delicious flavours and you will not regret having this ;)
Ramen Santouka
The Central #02-76
Tel.: +65 6224 0668
Daily 11am-9.45pm
my gals <3 meet up more often please! ^^ 
headed over to Esplanade after that! wanted to go to Sauce, but it was full (saturday night feverrrr…) so we hopped over to Harry’s Bar instead! haha what a day of traveling around :p luckily darling had the car ^^
thad joined us for dinner onwards! (: 
and because sam parked his car at mbs, we walked all the way to esplanade. and it was soooo beautiful (: i really love singapore’s skyline! after visiting europe, i do realise that we have an AMAZING night scene (: so beautiful! and finally we have a nice photo at my happy place :’) we’ve been there so many times but never really took a photo there! so happy <3 

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