Pollen Street Social

Hiya! (: so i’ve been wanting to do this post for the longest time, but as usual i’ve been procrastinating :p supposed to do it before my london food post actually! but i’ll link it to that page anyway, now that it’s up ^^
Pollen Street Social was the last restaurant we went to before leaving London (boohooooooo), and it was such a great way to end off our trip with a bang! :D good food always makes me happy ^^ and OMG. i just realised that Pollen at Gardens by the Bay is related to this restaurant!!! :O it’s under the same head chef! how cool is that ;) never tried the one in Singapore before though haha. Pollen Street Social isn’t a michelin-star restaurant, and to be honest, i wasn’t too stoked about the food until dessert came around. but the ambience and service were top-notch, comparable to that of Petrus (:

a three course set lunch at Pollen Street Social will set you back £29.50.

we began with a starter of crackly pig’s skin. it was fried beautifully – not too oily, with a delightfully crisp texture to it. this came with a bowl of green olives, which were really tasty!
for the appetizer, i went for the grilled mackerel with “waldorf salad”, walnut powder and english radish. the salad was deconstructed for a gorgeous presentation, and i loved how fresh and simple the mackerel was done.
my main dish of Wiltshire pork belly, spiced cheek and apple mustard puree had a surprisingly Asian flavour to it, which was much appreciated! the pork belly and spiced cheek were braised till wonderfully tender, and they melted in my mouth, releasing a cacophony of tastes.
then came desserts! :D my favourite part of the meal, and i was glad that it was the longest part of the meal ;) hehe.
we were firstly invited to the bar, which was an AMAZING experience, being so close to the dessert chefs, watching them prepare our food. it was an absolutely mouth-watering experience ^^
our dessert amuse bouche were these adorable ice creams! i realised that such tiny ice cream cones seem to be pretty common in london! at least, i’ve noticed them in at least three places. so adorable!! the chocolate ice cream was deliciously rich, and it had nuts inside which i loved :D 
a lemon-y sorbet followed, to cleanse our palate. i loved how refreshing it was, and it helped wash away the richness from the chocolate ice cream and meal before that, to prepare us for our ACTUAL dessert ;)
i was initially apprehensive about ordering the “tiramisu” hot chocolate coffee because i was worried about it affecting my sleep during the flight. (needn’t have worried because i subsequently conked out for 10hours on the plane without knowing lol) but i’m SO GLAD that i did!!!! it was soooo good. the lovely wobbly custard-like pudding below complemented the chocolate ice cream perfectly, with the bits of chocolate cake and chocolate pieces. and the hot chocolate coffee that came with it? tasted like a blend of italian hot chocolate + caffè (espresso). nice!! (although i only took a couple of sips haha)
and finallyyyyy, we ended off with these lovely little cakes! kinda like madeleines, i guess that would be the closest thing i could liken it to. loved loved LOVED these!!!! they were absolutely delicious!!!! they’d popped out freshly from the oven, and this ended our meal on the sweetest note ever :’)
happy people xx 
Pollen Street Social
8/10 Pollen Street, London, Greater London W1S 1NQ
Tel.: +44 20 7290 7600

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