Baker & Cook

i chanced upon Baker & Cook when i was attending an event at the Robertson Quay area ^^ i think i’ve heard about it before, but honestly i’ve been so blur since i came back that i can’t be sure haha. i heard that their cakes are pretty good!! wish i could have tried them, but i was there alone and of course i wouldn’t eat so much by myself! went there for lunch :) and my appetite has really gone down tremendously since i got back from Europe! really strange! and seems like everyone i know who came back from exchange experienced the same thing? maybe it’s the heat in singapore shrinking our appetite haha. anyway, good for helping my plan to lose weight :P (haha okay i think i’m mentioning that in every post, but sadly not much progress boohoo).
anyways!! i tried their beef and cheese pie! (: baker & cook has a daily selection of pies, sandwiches, quiches and pizzas, which keeps things interesting at their cafe (: the pies go for $9, and i absolutely adored their light crumbly pastry! and also the fact that it comes with a salad on the side (: so healthy! i suppose it’s a little pricey for just a pie though…maybe you could check out the cakes instead, which are more reasonably priced.
the ambience of this place is what attracted me though! situated in the very cosy and quiet martin38 area, it felt like i was transported overseas, and i could sit there for hours (if i had the time), watching the world go by. they have tonnes of cookbooks there, which i happily perused while i sat there eating my lunch, and it was just a nice respite from work (: 
Baker & Cook
38A Martin Road #01-01
Tel.: +65 6636 5865
Daily 8am-6pm

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