It’s been a year ❤❤❤

hi :)) 
time flies doesn’t it? :) especially when you’re having fun :) i can’t believe that just a little over a year ago we were walking down this same pathway, just friends then, and KA-BOOM! something magical happened ^^ hehe. okay i’m being cheesy! :P but i really do think that it’s amazing when two people end up together. through my first two years in university, i realised that my (really naive) beliefs that it’s easy to find a ‘someone’ in life was completely wrong. i mean, it’s always possible to be attracted to someone, or have people interested in you. but for two people to have a similar kind of interest in each other and make progress to end up together is really not that easy after all! i mean, if you ARE actually serious about it.
haha anyway it was pretty funny that we managed to celebrate all our monthnisaries together, but of all times, we weren’t together on our actual first year anniversary date!!!! D: because i was still in Europe :P and sam was in singapore. saddddd :”( but i’m really glad that we could still celebrate when i came back last week! ^^ 
heehee! i love my instagram card!!! :’) this boy is too cute already hehe. he modelled my card after instagram because it was my fav app on exchange :p everyone was commenting on the spam i’ve been creating over the past 5 months lol! mwahaha and thanks to me, he now has an account too ;) 
my only criteria for our meal was that i wanted Asian food haha. since i came back, that’s all i’ve been wanting to eat. local food ftw!! miss it so much! sooo we checked out this japanese high tea place at a new mall in tanjong pagar called 100AM! haha strange name right? i totally don’t understand why it’s called that. it’s in quite a random location somemore. right next to Amara hotel. anyway, it’s $20 a person, or $36 for two with free flow of tea or coffee. 
first up was scones! their scones look quite different from those i was used to in UK. but they tasted pretty similar (: not as fragrant on their own maybe, but good enough with the jam! 
and this was the rest of the set! sam copy my pose :P haha. they ran out of tiered platters cos too many people ordered the set!!! sadded. haha but it was okay la :) it’s the food and COMPANY that matters more ;) it’s a pretty comprehensive set with some savoury stuff as well! much appreciated by the both of us i think, who don’t have very sweet tooths (or teeth? haha). quite liked the meatballs with broccoli on the side! ^^ there were also sandwhiches, a lychee cheese tart (yummm!), muffin (so so), caramel biscuits (me likey!), an extra biscuit (cos they didn’t give us the tiered plate), matcha mousse (loved how light it was!) and chocolate in a cup (love how rich it was, but after awhile it was a bit too much. tip from me: eat the matcha mousse after this! it’ll help to cleanse the palate ^^). 
Okada Coffee
100AM, 100 Tras Street #03-23
Tel.: +65 6543 6028
Daily 2pm-6pm 
went for a stroll at my fav place after! ^^ hehe happyyyy. we both got new sunglasses! ;) (look how hazy the background is!) spent a wonderfully long time chilling on some benches in a makeshift playground in the shade, watching kids play on the see-saw and just catching up. i’ve missed talking to you like this baby! (: i’m so glad that we could spend that time together just chatting ❤

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