Itacho & Hopeys! (:

yay okay so in the middle of my travel posts i just randomly decided to slot in one of my #singaporenoms haha ;) i’ve been wanting to try itacho sushi for quite long! always see the banners in PS advertising their $1 sushi (errr didn’t see it anywhere when i was there) and there are always long queues in front of it. 

met up with the hopers last tues cos mel & i were back from exchange! ^^ we came back on the exact same day! so coincidental :D and immediately met up haha. i wanted to try shiock maki actually!!!! (i can’t believe i still haven’t eaten it after seeing tens of photos of it on instagram zzz) but they said it’s not a suitable place for friends to meet. aww. anyway i just wanted to eat asian food in general (MISS IT SO MUCH! the parents were saying next few weeks just eat at hawker centre can already -.- haha okay it’s not bad la, just that i’m still not used to this heat >.<). so i was quite excited for itacho, but it was quite disappointing! haha i think we decided that we're not gonna go back there already :p

i think the quality of their food is not bad, just that the portions are really small??? i quite liked my soft shell crab salad. the serving of crab was pretty generous :) but overall the portion was really small! mel’s avocado salad was bigger than mine D: haha anyway it’s ok, 减肥 :p haha. 

Itacho Sushi
Plaza Singapura $02-35
Tel.: +65 6337 8922

poor dom was especially disappointed with his food. lol!!!! look at those three small portions x.x omgosh…haha i think even i wouldn’t feel full after eating it :/

haha the girls and guys were sitting opposite each other, we were saying looks like a match-making session :P so nice catching up with them! :))) but it definitely wasn’t enough time for us to talk :( we should meet up again soon ^^ haha so many groups of people to meet now that i’m finally back! haven’t really told ppl i’m back yet though :p except the impt people ^^ 


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