Feeling the light

hello world! (:

i finally cut my hair!!! halfway through my exchange i wanted to cut it already. boohoo to my lovely curls :”( but my hair has been really really dead, which i didn’t realise till i was in europe. because i swam really often last year (like once a week), my hair became super dry >.< and i guess perming just damaged it further. and in europe the water is TERRIBLE!!!! all the minerals in the water :O dunno who told me that hair will be nicer in these countries -.- yeah, maybe the air makes it less frizzy, but that was never really a problem for me. but the water, omg?! it made my hair like grass. not kidding. and it tangled so badly :'( i swear i was dropping hair like crazy….if i didn't cut it i'd probably go bald. although it really improved a lot in just the few days i returned to singapore! :O i was really quite surprised! 

anyway, loving my new shorter hair now ^^ wanted to cut it even shorter actually! like shoulder length. but now i’m glad i didn’t. cos my hair doesn’t really look like that (unfortunately >.<). it tends to stick out at the ends -.- which is AWFUL when it's short. i did cut shoulder-length before, which looked super nice at the salon after it was blow-dried, but the moment i washed it, i looked like i had a mop on my head :/ now it still sticks out a little (i dunno how to blow my hair nicely :((((( someone teach me?), but it still looks okay ^^ love how it feels so much lighter now! and i look younger? hehe. 


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