Ristorante Pizzeria Piccola Amalfi

hihi! gonna try to finish updating my posts for Castellanza. just three more! (: in our last week, sam & i went on a craze trying all the restaurants we hadn’t been to previously. haha didn’t really know that there were so many! and since we didn’t want to buy anymore food in the last week (trying to clear stock desperately), so it was just nice that we ate out in that week.

i had the seafood risotto (€10) which came in a humongous portion!!!! till now i’m still amazed that i actually finished the entire thing myself. no wonder i gained weight right xP haha. but it was soooo good! this was actually the first time eating risotto in my whole time in italy! :p haha if not for the fact that milan is supposed to be famous for risotto, i probably wouldn’t have eaten it at all >.< which would definitely have been a pity. the seafood was super fresh, and it came in an abundance in this dish!! which was really appreciated ^^ two girls can easily share this. it's super filling. the only annoying thing was that for certain dishes, the restaurant insists that you have to order two sets of it, i guess cos they cook it in a bigger amount. but it was really yummy and flavourful (:

another of the dishes that requires you to order two servings of, is this mixed grill dish (i can’t rmb what it’s called >.< think it costs around €12). this is the serving for 2 pax!! also a very generous portion (: guess this is what the restaurant is good at! (: unfortunately it was quite as good as it looked. in general it was decent, but the meats could have been juicier, especially the steak that felt rather dry.

loved their pizzas as well!!! (: and again i can’t remember how much this prosciutto pizza costs, but pizzas in italy are relatively affordable so i think it’s around the price of the risotto or less. it was soooo good. i love how they always make it fresh so that the cheese is all melty and gooey, and it’s so tasty! (:
Ristorante Pizzeria Piccola Amalfi
Viale Lombardia 34, 21053, Castellanza, Italy
Tel.: +39 0331 502101


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