Royal Garden Hotel English Tea

that day we visited Kensington Palace, the royal abode of Price William & his wife, Kate, we ended off our visit with an English high tea at Royal Garden hotel! (: i’ve always loved how the English ladies look so dainty sipping their tea with the pretty tiered stand of cakes in front of them ^^ hee! during our tour, we were told that fine ladies were never seen to visit coffee houses, but drinking tea became very popular after Queen Mary II brought over the culture of tea-drinking from China & India. pretty cool huh!



the English tea at Royal Garden Hotel is served at the Park Terrace Restaurant. there are only two options for tea – the Kensington tea (£24 per person) or Royal tea (£34 per person), the only difference being that the the Royal tea includes an additional glass of Champagne and strawberries. we opted for the former, which includes assorted freshly prepared sandwiches, freshly baked raisin & cinnamon scones served with Devonshire clotted cream and homemade preserves, a selection of cakes and pastries from the Royal Garden patisserie and a pot of freshly brewed tea. do note that the photo shows high tea for two, so if it’s just one person, it’ll be half the number of sandwiches and cakes! i felt that it was kinda little for one person (imagine how sad it’ll look!), but we shared this amount here amongst four people and it was surprisingly filling! 

the sandwiches were served first, and initially we were disappointed, wondering why it wasn’t on the tiered platter :( but realised that the tiers were coming later for the sweets hehe ^^ loved the variety of flavours for the sandwiches! the sweets were pretty good, but not super outstanding. except for the scones. OMGGGGG :D i’m in love with them!!! never particularly liked scones before coming to the uk cos those that i’ve eaten previously all seemed rather bland. but since trying them in york (will do a post on that soooon), i acquired a liking for them, even eating them plain without the clotted cream and preserves. of course, they add to the flavour and make it even better though! but the scones here…they were something else altogether :)))) SO SUPER DUPER AWESOME!!!! wonderfully soft and super fluffy, i had to resist stuffing the whole thing in my mouth, but forced myself to eat it really slowly (and daintily heehee), savouring every mouthful of it :’) omgosh. love it so much! and with the clotted cream (it was a little sweet, which was a nice touch!) and the strawberry and mango jams, it was so so so good. 

for the teas, there was quite a wide range to choose from, and i had the Eight Butterflies, which is a type of green tea with the scent of fruits in it! (: very nice! i would totally come back here again for the scones. i miss it already!!!!!!

Royal Garden Hotel London
2-24 Kensington High Street
London W8 4PT
Tel.: +44 020 7937 8000

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