Hello again, Singapore!!! :)

i’m back!!!! after 4.5 months in Europe on exchange, i’m finally home! (: hot air hits me in the face as if i’ve stepped into an oven the moment i step out of Changi airport *crash!* back to reality. 

hahahaha. i’m kidding. as much as i loved touring around europe (especially my last month where i was totally free-and-easy without the burden of school – not that school is much of a burden on exchange haha :p), i’m really glad to be home! (: 

i’ve really missed the comforts of home, and honestly, staying in europe has really made me appreciate the efficiency of singapore MUCH MUCH MORE. not to mention that it isn’t freezing cold here. haha although i’m trying real hard not to move now because i don’t want to start sweating :p i hope the haze goes away soon!!! so glad that the weather was at least pretty mild when we got back today.

减肥 plan STARTS NOW! haha. goodnight for now! i’ll start clearing my backlog of travel posts asap! :)) 

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